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Gold Vermeil Claire Earrings with Blue Onyx
Touted as the third highest mountain of Switzerland’s Bernese Alps is the Jungfrau Summit

Surrounded by glacial valleys, the summit is a breathtaking natural wonder and many adventurers are eager to climb the peak. 

Switzerland is also home to featured jewelry designer Lindsey Wendler.

Jewelers love the craft of jewelry making and strive to bring vibrancy and nuance to their jewelry collections! 

A native of Dallas, Texas Wendler’s nine-year-old fashion jewelry brand, LindseyMarie, is all about eye-catching color, sinuous form, and great style. 

Collections are inspired by such glamorous locales as Monte Carlo and Saint-Tropez.

Classically styled forms morph into exotic and statement making jewelry pieces like the elegant Ella Ring; the Old World panache of the Ava Ring; and cool multi-strand gemstone bead bracelets that can also be worn as necklaces.  Pale green chalcedony, purple amethyst, lapis lazuli, and pink geodes provide enchanting color spectrums.

A one-time medical student, who received a degree in biology from Southern Methodist University, Wendler made friendship bracelets in her spare time.  Collecting “brightly colored beads and ribbons” and creating jewelry became a much needed alternative from her rigorous curriculum. 

It was such a needed outlet for Wendler that she launched her jewelry brand two years before she graduated!  By the time she graduated she was already participating in tradeshows, and her brand was being sold at 40 retailers across the U.S.

“I was always incredibly passionate about fashion and creating my personal style that I rarely left the house without a full set of jewelry.  When I attended college I never slept and got very burned out,” she recalls.
Sterling Silver Joy Necklace with Rose Quartz
“I wanted a social life, I wanted to travel and participate in more creative activities to make my life more well-rounded.  I felt unfulfilled and anxious about dedicating my life to medicine. 

Now that I am a full-time jeweler sometimes I also go without sleep but there is a different feel to it.  My work gives me energy and I can take off to do things for myself.”

Wanting to make the most out of her new career choice, Wendler acquired a MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewelry from London’s Royal College of Art.  Soon after she relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where she currently works with a design team, and established her boutique and atelier.

“When I started out making jewelry in Texas I only had $300.  My parents helped bit-b-bit.  They helped me because they saw I was earning back several times more than what they gave me. 

I was lucky.  I just couldn't help but follow my heart into this world of creativity.  I love making my jewelry universe like a garden of beautiful, rich-colored flowers.”
Gold Vermeil Emma Bangle Bracelets
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertKeshi pearls are the signature detail of the LindseyMarie brand.  

They correspond with the fashionable jewels from the runways of Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen.  

Also medieval jewelry styles populated Dolce and Gabbana’s runways, and Wendler’s Estella and Ava Rings evoke this long gone era.
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