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Emerald Agate Pendant with
Polished Brass Wire and Chain
Located in San Antonio, Texas and standing 750 feet tall, the Tower of the Americas was built “as the theme structure” for the 1968 World’s Fair.  

Holding the distinction of being San Antonio’s tallest building, its highest point contains a revolving restaurant that provides a stunning view of the city. 

Texas is also home to featured jewelry designer Tanya White.

Up-cycling in jewelry design is such a fresh artistic vision!  A number of jewelry makers including Coll Smith of ArmCandii (England), Liz Law (USA), and Canadians Isobel Walker of frAsh, and Kristen Laborde utilize everything from vintage components to industrial findings to build stunning, wearable creations.

White up-cycles discarded steel, copper and aluminum wire consolidating them with raw cut gemstones such as chrysoprase, Earth Jasper, and Emerald Agate to form gorgeous streamlined statement pieces. 

Over ten years ago, while working in the healthcare industry, White visited numerous construction sites where she noticed large amounts of scrap metal.

After getting permission from foremen, she began collecting the fragments for use in her burgeoning jewelry line, Found Fusion.

Chrysoprase and Patina Copper Necklace
The first and probably most important step of White’s creative process is cleaning the metal.  Once that is completed she heats the metal to make it more pliable, and then begins her “tangled wire” technique to develop a necklace or bracelet design.

Found Fusion was born out of honing my jewelry making skills to focus on recycling and re-purposing of discarded items. 

My handmade designs fuse the old with the new creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are both architecturally influenced yet alive with nature and elemental references,” explains the designer.

“I enjoy using materials such as steel, brass and copper wire along with raw stones, sea glass or rocks.  

As an artist, I find inner balance in the creative process by letting each project take form as an expression of eclectic beauty; and in doing so each piece becomes a highly personal and reflective work of art.”
Chrysocolla Pendant with Polished Steel Wire

2014 Jewelry Trend Alert:  With the economic downturn some jewelers have turned to alternative materials to create highly fashionable costume jewelry.  

White’s stunning eco-friendly designs fit firmly in this hot style trend.
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