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Calabria Crescent Necklace
Known for its numerous rolling mountains and lakes England’s Lake District is a destination favored by the nature lover.

In addition to activity centers and heritage sites, Lake District offers rustic undertakings to do like kayaking, cycling and canoeing.

England is also home to featured jewelry designer Alex Monroe.

Although Monroe’s gorgeous fine and 22-karat gold plated jewelry collections are based in the natural world there is a fantasy-like aspect to his style. 

Drawing inspiration largely from the varied inhabitants of forests, the flawless detail of flower petals, dragonfly wings or the plump body of a bumblebee appear as though they were snatched from a moment in time and frozen in metal.  His attention to detail is remarkable. 

His chrysanthemum design, for example, is built by creating the petals first and then “doming” them up to create a three-dimensional effect.

A graduate of London’s Sir John Cass School of Art, Monroe grew up in the English county Suffolk.  The countryside was full of “all manner of plants and animals,” and he developed great admiration for this lively world. 
22K Gold Plated Pea Flower Stud Earrings 
with Moonstone Drops
In 1986 he set up a workshop in South London where he makes a diligent effort to gather ethically sourced materials to create his hand-fabricated, lyrical pieces of jewelry.

“Nature is a strong theme throughout my work.  I use traditional jewelry making techniques and sometimes craft my own tools to help with the creation of a piece,” he says.

“I begin with sketches and then go to my bench.  My intent is to tell a story with my jewelry.  Craftsmanship has always been important to me, and within nearly three decades I have assembled a fantastic creative team and a team of highly skilled jewelers.
18K Gold Twig Eyebright Ring 
with Pink Sapphire

One of my greatest pleasures is when I am out-and-about, and I see someone—unexpectedly—wearing a piece of our jewelry.  That’s the thrill.  That’s what counts.”
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