Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Sterling Silver Sea Princess Necklace
with Pearls and Lapis Lazuli
The Thai island Koh Samui is a beautiful resort locale replete with white sands, limestone rock formations, and the Big Buddha Shrine

Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Lilly Rahmann.

Rahmann’s rustic and somewhat free-form design style is punctuated by elongated kyanite and spiky pearls. 

Her eclectic gemstone jewelry highlights a wide array of gemstones including rose quartz, blue lace agate, marble charoite and DZI Tibet. 

Everything from dangle earrings to choker necklaces reflect the dazzling beauty of nature as well as the grandeur of Siam!

Having a father who owned not only a jewelry store but a gem cutting factory and ruby mine, Rahmann spent her formative years literally immersed in gemstones. 

Gemstones were even enlisted as home décor: her father lined their “aquarium with them instead of sand.”  She developed an interest in crafts at age four, and once she graduated from high school, her father sent her to the Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences.

“I spent five years learning, teaching at the school and working in the gem laboratory where I acquired valuable experience and knowledge,” recalls the jeweler.
Amethyst and Pearl Wild Purple Earrings
Despite her passion for gemstones Rahmann relocated to Canada—the home of her new husband.  Here is where she began a flower import business and learned the art of flower arrangement.  Years later she would incorporate these skills into creating jewelry.

“When I started making my jewelry fourteen years ago, I used the same rules that govern floral arrangement to produce some interesting pieces.  I enjoy working with gems and crystals.  I like matching stones that are not often seen together. 

I have read extensively on the healing properties of gemstones to create jewelry pieces with those properties in mind.  I want the people who buy my jewelry to feel healthy and happy when they wear it.”
Sterling Silver, Lapis and Amber Necklace

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertRahmann’s unique, beautiful design style highlight tribal necklaces (a trend this year) such as her Sea Princess Necklace.  

This design evokes the distressed, washed away appearance of lost treasure.
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