Monday, November 10, 2014


18K Gold and Oxidized Sterling Silver Ivy Plant Leaf Ring
The Greek city Faliraki is an energetic locale with shopping bargains along the cobblestone streets of Rhodes Old Town; restaurants that highlight scrumptious local cuisine; and a booming nightlife with clubs like Bed and Ziggy’s

Greece is also home to featured jewelry designer Sifis Stavroulakis.

I get the fascination that many jewelers have with nature.  I get why they want to recreate it in the form of jewelry. 

Simply put nature is awe-inspiring.  It represents, to me anyway, the restless imagination of the Divine.

Stavroulakis’ statement pendant necklaces and cocktail rings of 18-karat gold and oxidized sterling silver honor floral forms in such lavish details that they transcend cutesier designer versions relegated to charm jewelry. 

You almost sense the grit of soil and the smell of grass gazing upon metal replications of sage and hydrangea leaves.

18K Gold and Oxidized Sterling Silver Flower Brooch Pin
A veteran of the industry for twenty-four years, the skilled goldsmith incorporates unspecified techniques (some he invented) to produce his stunning work. Every detail of his muse is examined and rendered into unique gold or sterling silver forms. 

The Crete-based jeweler has participated in Athens premier trade show “Gold-Silver.”  Six years ago, in 2008, his jewelry collections debuted at Germany’s Inhorgenta Exhibition.
18K Gold Leaf Earrings

A selection of jewelry items from Stavroulakis’ collection is available for purchase at Symmetry Jewelry.

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