Monday, June 24, 2013


22K Gold and Sterling Silver Double Helix
Pendant Necklace
A fixture of the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Region since the 14th century, the town of Cesky Krumlov is the country’s second largest town.  

Sharing the town’s moniker Cesky Krumlov Castle provides a powerful aura of the Old World and its storied history.  

The Czech Republic is also home to featured jewelry designer Daniela Dobesova.

Geometry strongly influences numerous designers who love the purity of simple lines or curvatures.  

Designers like Dobesova, however, build upon basic form repeating lines or arcs to develop multifaceted yet elegant jewelry designs.

Working with sterling silver and 22-karat gold, Dobesova painstakingly handcrafts her signature spiral design in six ranges that lithely intertwine and coil slackly or tightly.  Pendant necklaces, silver earrings and bangle bracelets display the remarkable beauty and versatility of the spiral form.

Some of the pod-like outlines form her Interlocking range possess a somewhat vertebral appearance.  Items from her Entwined range alternately resemble cowrie shells or metallic cocoons.  

The Swirl range highlights a concentric pattern that looks as though it can be unraveled by pulling its center.  This is a complex, tactile style that is truly mesmerizing in its sleek, enmeshed outlines.
Sterling Silver Spiral Coil Ring
 “The spiral theme evolved from several influences coming together; things as different as the structure of DNA and the slinky toy.  I felt that the spiral had so many unique qualities.  I create the designs using a technique I developed.  I wanted to experiment with its physical properties such as tension and elasticity,” says the graduate of London’s Richmond College of Art.

Dobesova set up her studio eight years ago in 2004 giving lots of forethought to developing her brand.  She knew it would not be easy. 

“Big brands and multiple retail chains can overshadow the presence of small, niche jewelry designers.  Marketing and promotion is an ongoing task.  My husband and I work together developing PR strategies.  I have been able to get publicity by entering and winning jewelry making competitions. 

One of my pieces was displayed at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum when I was still a student and that was fantastic,” she enthuses.  

“It is very difficult to compete with brands that have large marketing budgets; but I believe that good design and quality craftsmanship gives value to the materials, not the other way around.  For me it is not about blindly following the latest fashions; but about creating something with lasting appeal.”

Sterling Silver Swirl Shell Bracelet
2013 Jewelry Trend AlertSterling silver is a major metal for the year and the added futuristic look of Dobesova’s stunning modern jewelry completes the styles on trend.
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