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Polymer Clay & Sterling Silver Button Earrings
Scenic woodland trails and rugged, mountain bicycle paths are a few sights to explore in one of Scotland’s Dumfries.  
largest cities,

A visit to the city would be incomplete without seeing a castle: the 17th century citadel known as Castle Douglas to be exact.  

Scotland is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Cari-Jane Hakes.

In my opinion, a lot of mainstream jewelry—even some independents—seem to be confined within specific creative restraints. 

Design ideas tend to be an expression of what is commercial rather than an expression of the busy ideas of a restless designer.  In some cases the designs from one jewelry brand is practically identical to the designs of another.

In contrast Hakes’ jewelry designs of sterling silver and polymer clay reflects the jewelry maker’s fertile creativity. 

Her modern jewelry brand, Hybrid Handmade Jewellery, have many personalities: sleek and sophisticated; casual and laidback; bold and statement making; and a little funky, a little kitschy.  I for one like that.  Eclecticism in jewelry design is a testament to the active nature of creativity where inventive thoughts often outpace a jeweler’s ability to create.

Sterling Silver 6 Memos Concept Necklace
The alumna of London’s Morley College incorporates strong angular lines and bold cut opaque gemstones into baubles that are an unusual mixture of classic design and contemporary art.  Completed designs possess an unfussy type of rawness where silver necklaces, silver rings, and silver earrings are more organic than glitzy.

Many of her rings, while clean in arrangement, are very substantial in size; metallic settings sit high on the finger. 

Her polymer clay items of button earrings and pendant necklace are a festive visual of lilacs, greens and yellows.  Inspired by peach and apple blossoms, forsythia, and daffodils irregular facets are carved into chunks of polymer clay, not floral replications, and suspended from a cotton cerise cord.  Nice.

Hakes’ creative process is unhurried yet erratic informed by environment, inspiration boards and architecture.  

“No self-respecting creative person would be without their inspiration board.  For my board there are no trend forecasts here.  No hot up-to-the-minute seasonal colors represented.  Just the stuff I find under my toes and within reach of my fingers.

I work from my workshop in East Yorkshire, England and I began learning jewelry in 2005.  Learning to fabricate sterling silver—which, to me, resembles moonlight—was and is a pure joy.  My work draws on my architectural studies.  I work in series, reducing the world as I see it into pieces of wearable sculpture. 

I firmly believe jewelry should be worn often, everyday perhaps, so much so the pieces become almost part of your personality. My aim is always to create pieces that have a power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.” 
Sterling Silver 6 Memos Concept Ring

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Hakes’ one-of-a-kind jewelry creations have their fair share of style trends including bright color pops, sizeable proportions and sterling silver.
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