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18K Rose Gold Earrings with
Champagne Diamonds
Sixteenth century windmills and stunning villas “perched on rock formations” are a few of the scenic wonders of Mykonos, Greece.  Greece is also home to featured jewelry designer Ileana Makri.

Okay, the truth is sometimes women just want jewelry that is pretty.  They do not require a backstory of how a diamond ring or gemstone pendant came to be.

Sourcing of materials, however, may be of interest but other than that aesthetic appeal seals the deal for many women.

Launched in 1996, Makri’s assortment of gold and palladium plated sterling silver, and 18-karat gold fine jewelry fits the bill of shiny and pretty.

Her design style is primarily classic highlighting symbolism with evil eye jewelry, tiger’s claws, bugs, snakes and luminous accents of Makri’s signature pavé stone settings.

Though primarily timeless in style, Makri does veer a bit toward more expressive designs.  Her I Am Nostalgia collection showcases the beauty of ornamental, arabesque details. 

Her Marios Schwab collection--the jeweler’s collaboration with the fashion designer of the same name--goes for more abstract outlines featuring semblances of crevices, branches and bulky leather chokers.  Her Screw It collection pays homage to the perennial grease monkey with 18-karat gold bolts, nuts, butterfly screws and wrenches.

18K Rose Gold Diamond Lace Ring
“My jewelry is either hand fabricated or cast and stone settings are done by hand,” she reveals.  Gemstones are a primary focal point of her collections and the graduate of California’s Gemological Institute of America has always had a love affair with the glistening minerals. 

“I have been fascinated with gemstones from a young age.  I used to dream about jewelry; their shapes, their colors.  I like my pieces to be worn all the time.  I don’t like my designs to be obvious and that is why I use lots of lots of small diamonds in pavé settings. 

Sourcing ethically mined gold and gemstones is very important to me.  I work with suppliers that I know share the same sentiment and who provide written confirmation that my purchases are conflict-free,” she says.

As with gemstones (precious and semi-precious) variegated symbols will always remain central to her style.  “I am not superstitious but I recognize symbolism is a universal language that is stronger than words.  I do believe we need a lot of luck in today’s world.”

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Makri’s glitzy designs are on point for the year’s trends with 18-karat rose gold, vivacious gemstones, snake motifs, and ethically sourced materials.

18K Rose Gold Diamond Evil Eye
Pendant Necklace
Selections of items from Makri's high-end fine jewelry line is available for purchase at
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