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Sterling Silver Lace Pendant
Necklace with Garnets
In the Swedish city of Orebro scenic wonders abound the most famous of which is the beautiful Orebro Castle.  The centuries-old structure overlooks the River Swartan

Elsewhere is the magnificent Svampen water tower that holds a restaurant at its highest point to take in the surrounding metropolis.  Sweden is also home to featured jewelry designer Shani Shtaingart.

Lace, though absolutely gorgeous, can be a rather intimidating fabric, don’t you think?

It can be elegantly pristine like Grace Kelly’s wedding dress; or relentlessly sexy like the peek-a-boo offerings of Victoria’s Secret.

It has been worn as ruffs by 16th century Queen Elizabeth I; and lace collars were juxtaposed against the shiny, armor of Prince Charles Louis.

Shtaingart’s modern take on pairing lace with metal include designs of sterling silver circles or heart shapes outlining white, black, red, pink and green, and blue and green lace patterns.  The handcrafted jewelry designs provide an accessible middle ground.  Pendant necklaces, in particular, are versatile enough that they can be worn as bridal jewelry or with a comfy t-shirt and jeans.

“I create jewelry with silver and semi-precious gemstones but I also like experimenting with non-traditional materials that fit my concept and design,” says the jewelry artist.  “My work is a blend of Russian ornamental style, traditional Middle Eastern silver work, and Scandinavian purity of form. 

Sterling Silver Genuine Pearl Ring
To think it all started after I borrowed a pair of simple, wire work silver earrings from a friend and lost one.  I made a replacement, told her what happened and she asked me to make a matching necklace.”

Shtaingart complements white and blackened silver with garnets, pink and white pearls and cubic zirconia in pieces that are Old World in their vintage, feminine beauty.

She takes full advantage of her BA in jewelry design stretching her creativity by crafting unique contemporary art pieces in brass and sterling silver; and relishing opportunities to develop custom jewelry requests.

“I love working on custom designs.  I love the clients’ involvement in the design process.  My designs can be romantic, mystic or very clean and simple.  I always use recycled metals and eco-friendly gemstones, as much as possible to create uniquely feminine and elegant pieces.”

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Shtaingart’s ethical approach to her effortlessly elegant silver jewelry collections is on trend, as well as her Victorian-inspired ornamental style.
Sterling Silver Double Lace Necklace
with Pink Pearls

Be sure to check out Shtaingrat's Etsy store, and's  selection of lace items from her collection.
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