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Sterling Silver Hummingbird Earrings
Not only has the Italian city of Milan been the quintessential center of fashion and finance for years, the city is
also known for its tram system, Renaissance art and architecture, and freshly baked breads.

Italy is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Gianluca Anzani.

I enjoy seeing interesting design choices.  Learning about how a jewelry piece is conceptualized such as the moving parts of Alan Ardiff’s (Ireland) playful, kinetic jewelry or Giovanni Carvaja’s (Italy) remarkable Golden Fleece pieces fascinates me.

In these examples, as well as countless others, varied sources of inspiration drive both the creative and creation processes.  Anzani, of course, is no exception.

Of Swiss and Italian ancestry, Anzani’s love of Mexican culture took such a vigorous hold on his imagination he became a permanent fixture of Mexico.

“Destiny brought me to Mexico thirty-six years ago.  I was there on vacation but I fell in love with the country and the people so I decided to stay,” says the father of two.

Sterling Silver Night Star Choker Necklace with Black Onyx
Upon settling into his adoptive homeland Anzani immersed himself in learning more about his new home.  “I traveled extensively throughout Mexico and I had the good fortune to meet talented artisans who generously taught me the secrets of their crafts,” he recalls.  “Jewelry making has since become my passion.”

Sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones the likes of blue turquoise, carnelian, and the honey tones of amber serve as his canvas and oil paints.  With them Anzani builds dangle chandelier earrings, silver choker necklaces, and silver pendant necklaces informed by nature, and the opulent style of Mexico’s Belle Epoch era. 

Created with the lost wax technique each jewelry piece is unique with surface details of etched birds in flight, baroque outlines and lacy arabesque patterns.  Anzani’s design approach contrasts modern and ancient design styles in a vibrantly fashionable way.

“My work mirrors the experiences I have gained in my life.  It is enriched by a blend of my European roots and those of this beautiful Mexican land.”
Sterling Silver Long Lace Dangle Earrings

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   For Anzani the subdued gleam of sterling silver, floral-inspired designs of leaves and rose blossoms, and colorful gemstones are on trend for the New Year as well as a bunch of robust dangle earrings.
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