Thursday, June 13, 2013


House Series Necklace with Cedar, Linen Paint
Brass & Found Steel
The heart stopping beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand is central to its appeal.  

It is no wonder that the area’s stunning mountain ranges, canyons and lakes have served as the magnificent backdrop of feature films that include The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  

New Zealand is also home to featured jewelry designer Kathryn Yeats.

The design style of New Zealand jewelry designers veers between subtle, unpretentious forms and the unique formations of contemporary art jewelry.

Where the latter style is concerned found objects that include broken glass shards, nylon, rubber and polyvinyl chloride are a few materials used to develop thought provoking visual languages.

Featuring such materials as silk thread and silk fabric, paper, linen, bone, wood and even human hair Yeat’s jewelry is a wild mix that provides the unexpected elements so central to contemporary art jewelry. 

Her design aesthetic is multi-layered with Gothic-style pendant necklaces; the warm and cozy inclusion of needlepoint in brooch pins; dingy, blackened silver chain links of necklaces that evoke a dank prison cell; and she goes all Earth goddess with a crochet wire collar necklace.  She tests many ideas producing whatever comes to mind and that is how the Whitireia Polytechnic graduate likes it.

Silk Fabric, Silk Thread and
Sterling Silver Presence Pendant Necklace
 “I am an eclectic jeweler concerned with infusing tactile and beautiful jewelry objects with narratives and ideas collected from my study of material history, culture and science.

I am interested in time; in the deterioration of objects, rusting and decay leaving its narrative on them, the record of their life of use.  Transient and fragile materials attract me.  I strive to strike a balance between considered and intuitive work processes to create new ways to view jewelry objects.”

Mahogany, Cotton, Bone & Found Ferrous
Metal Ship of Fools Brooch Pin
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert  Found objects in jewelry is one of the most unusual style trends going in the New Year, and Yeats’ diverse style is all about the inclusion of everything from wood to bone.

A selection of items from Yeats' collections is available for purchase at
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