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Gold Crochet Pendant Necklaces
with Gemstones Bridesmaids Jewelry Set
Zefat City, located in Israel, is not only a hub for rabbinical studies, but is also an artist’s colony where crafts of precious metals, precious gems, and ceramics can be viewed.  Israel is also home to featured jewelry designer Yael Falk.

I thoroughly enjoy jewelry designers who bring something to the industry table that puts ripples in the sea of sameness.

Falk’s delicate, lithe crochet wire jewelry of 14-karat yellow and rose gold, pure silver and stunning accents of Swarovski Crystals is a composition of timeless sensibility and remarkable intricacy. 

Her varied and buoyant assortment of choker necklaces, hoop and dangle earrings, and bangle bracelets are a great visual language of sparkly gossamer dreams.

At the age of six, the former industrial designer learned the basics of crocheting with thread from her grandmother.  After making a web-like cloth for covering her dolls—her only creation—she retired the handicraft that is until nine years ago while living in Switzerland.

“I was looking for a way to keep my creativity and hands busy.  I took two courses at a local jeweler: one was basic techniques and the other was manipulation of wire metals. Here is where my love story with wire metals began.  The class was a huge success!”  Over time the skills she acquired would ultimately flourish into her brand, Yoola.
14K Gold Filled Crocheted Wire Ring with Pearls
Falk’s restless need to push her creative limits result in designs that play with subtle forms including “organic pods”; the infinity symbol; the understated theatricality of her gorgeous Cleopatra-inspired collections; the play of violet, red or green wires; and the nuanced dance of wire and luminous crystals highlighted in each of her handcrafted jewelry collections.

The pristine water-like colors of clear and champagne crystals, pale white opal, bluish opalite, greens, pinks and grays are offset by the gentle twist of tiny wires and Falk loves the hushed interplay of materials.

“I try to keep the balance between the two materials by letting them dance together so to speak.  I do not let one or the other take full control.  Less is more is my main design concept.  

The work is done in a rare crochet and knitting technique that allows me to develop unique patterns.  A film I see, a flower, a trip to a foreign country can inspire a design.  I love inventing.  I find it hard to repeat anything.”

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Falk’s stunning 14-karat gold wire jewelry embraces geometric shapes, bright pops of color via acrylic coatings as well as Swarovski Crystals; and last but not least warm the blush of rose gold.

14K Gold-Filled and Red Copper Flower Earrings
A selection of items from Falk's collections is available at Bottica.com.
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