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14K Rose Gold & Oxidized Sterling Silver
Benevola II Earrings with Rubies
Kick back and relax while enjoying a cruise along California’s San Francisco Bay on one of the boats provided by the historic Red and White Fleet.  

Visitors can view popular landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island.  California is also home to featured jewelry designer Alix Blüh.

If my memory serves me personalized jewelry like initial and nameplate necklaces have been around for at least four decades.  

Sentimental details such as hand-stamped inscriptions of children’s names with accents of luminous birthstones are designs that will not be going away anytime soon.

However, San Francisco-based jeweler Blüh revisits a rare type of personalized jewelry; the components of which are not just diamonds and precious metal but miniature reliquaries.  If this sounds a little macabre, it isn’t.  These reliquaries are keepsakes to honor and remember those who have passed on.  

Blüh’s aesthetic is an intriguing style of organically formed 14-karat gold, blackened or white sterling silver complemented with pocket watch parts or tiny photographs.  

The overall visual is moody and rustic as opposed to posh or ultra-glamorous.  It does not go for an obvious wow factor.  Within the dusky, rough outlines, however is a core of authenticity with a palpable veil of history.
14K Rose Gold Pebble Ring with Diamonds
Having been raised in a home filled with different types of art and music genres, Blüh fully embraced her artistic side.  She acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Massachusetts and enjoyed glowing recognition for her work. 

However, in 1989, while living in London, England she developed an interest that would ultimately lead to the launch of her jewelry brand, Modern Relics

“I started collecting and selling antiques.  I became fascinated with time-worn objects and began creating jewelry pieces that were an extension of that; but I also wanted to combine these heirloom type objects with cutting edge arts.

In time my design approach evolved and I became captivated with reliquaries.  I developed the idea of placing traditional relics with relics of nature under crystal which became my signature concept.

In modern times, especially in western culture, we have removed ourselves from the process of death. We are so distanced by it and it has become something to move away from as quickly as possible.  That was not the case centuries ago.  The Victorians gracefully and artfully bestowed dignity and beauty to the deceased.

With that in mind I wanted to create heirloom pieces that are not about fad and fashion but rather sentiment and timelessness.  

To attribute an entire genre of art to celebrate the deceased is a wonderful and fascinating thing that is sorely missed in our culture.  This new personalization trend is definitely fever-pitched.  That says a lot to me what people are wanting now in their jewelry.” 
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Lacie
Pendant Necklace

2013 Jewelry Trend AlertBlüh’s aesthetic is not concerned with following trends; however her organic, heartfelt jewelry pieces do highlight two of the year’s top style trends: the blush hues of rose gold and cool sterling silver.
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