Monday, October 29, 2012


Sterling Silver & Amethyst
Falling Moon Drop Earrings
Wat Phra That Lampang is a 7th century temple located in the Thai province of Lampang.

Its distinctive architecture includes shrines adorned with floral patterns and two Buddha that support the structure’s roof.  Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Somluck Komolmith.

Thailand is not only renowned for its skilled silversmiths but also for its wealth of gemstone sites including Chantaburi (Siamese rubies) and the Kanchanaburi Province (blue sapphires). 

Forty-seven year old Komolmith makes full use of Thailand's plethora of gemstones by implementing such lovely semi-precious gemstones as red quartz, blue turquoise, purple amethyst, red garnets and pink pearls into understated, classic jewelry designs.

The play of subtle and vivid colors, offset by textured accents of sterling silver, stirs the emotions; evoking imagery of the designer’s varied sources of inspiration.  

Her Eastern Moon Earrings, for instance, a simple white pearl is implemented to emulate the subtle shine of the moon.  The “fire” of her Heart of Fire Choker Necklace is a deep red quartz, carved into the shape of a heart, suspended from a glossy strand of white pearls.

Sterling Silver, Red Quartz and Pearl Heart of Fire
Choker Necklace
Komolmith takes a minimal amount of materials with the objective to compile those elements in visually intriguing ways that are feminine and elegant.

“My parents used to have a jewelry shop on the Myanmar border.  When my two older brothers opened jewelry shops, I had the opportunity to learn about jewelry so I designed and created for myself,” says the mother of two.

“Now I have my own business and I am also a homemaker so I use the night to create jewelry to offer to  I start by imagining a design, sketching it and selecting the materials.  
Sterling Silver and Pearl
Clouds Drop Earrings with Rhodium Beads

I use only high quality materials from Thailand.  Good materials and good designs make for a good product, don’t you think?”
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