Tuesday, October 9, 2012


.950 Silver Filigree Princess Waterfall Necklace
The mysterious Nazca Lines, located in Ica, Peru is just one of numerous locales to see in this ancient city. 

Known as the “land of the sun,” Ica offers an annual wine festival; the Inca Regional Museum; and the stunning Huacachina Oasis.  Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Giovanna Larnia.

It seems that some higher profile jewelry brands rely heavily on famous faces to generate interest in mediocre designs.  In my opinion, it is a choice resonating with the belief that style trumps substance.

I believe a well-crafted piece of jewelry can generate enough interest in and of itself regardless of who is wearing it.

Larnia’s stunning jewelry designs of .950 silver cuff bracelets, draping silver necklaces, and silver earrings highlight a time-honored technique: filigree.  The twenty-seven-year old taught herself the complex art form of twisting and plaiting metal wires.

.950 Silver and Calcite Tender Nature Cuff Bracelet

 By age 19, in 2004, she began selling her ethereal wares through Novica.com.  The gossamer, web-like outlines are minimalist in terms of proportions but Larnia builds a palpable visual language of understatement and intricacy. 

Laurel branches and azaleas serve as inspiration for silver rings and dangle earrings while lush semi-precious gemstones like chrysocolla and pink calcite provide lovely accents.
.950 Silver and Chrysocolla Filigree Azalea Earrings

“I have spent a lot of time developing my designs.  I developed my own style that I based in part on the pre-Inca Tallanes and Vicus cultures.

I find special satisfaction in designing jewelry.  I want to continue demonstrating beauty and warmth in silver.”
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