Monday, October 1, 2012


Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet from Islamic Collection
Erected during the 11th century, Egypt’s Citadel of Saladin mosques embody the political intrigue of ancient times.  Egypt is also home to Rabab Salem.

Regardless of the medium—whether entertainment or jewelry design--I think it is a daring choice to be true to you.  

All too often the powers that be want to reform you in some way; change the way you dress, talk or even the color of your hair.

Salem’s two-year-old brand, Ruby’s Silver, highlight amazing sterling silver jewelry inspired by spiritually reverent Islamic calligraphy.

In these complicated times, I admire Salem’s willingness to say this is who I am and do so in the face of criticism and misconception.

Born and raised in London, England Salem loved taking annual family trips to Cairo, Egypt where she immersed herself in the lyrical calligraphic designs that surrounded her.  “My family and I would visit Khan El Khalil and it was there my passion for silver was born,” she recalls. 

“I loved the strong Egyptian style prominent in the big bangle bracelets and earrings.  By the time I was a teenager I studied silversmithing in a local workshop and I started creating custom-made pieces.”

Sterling Silver Earrings and Pendant Necklace
from Badaweya Collection
In July 2009 Salem returned to Cairo to live as well as to embark on developing “Qur’anic verses, Arabic poetry and colloquial Egyptian sayings” into commanding yet graceful jewelry designs.

The soft curvatures of calligraphic imagery are striking in the form of silver pendants dangling from strands of gumball sized gemstones; bold dangle silver earring designs; or bold settings of a silver ring.  It is wonderfully mysterious, exotic and otherworldly.

“I never formally studied fine arts or jewelry design,” Salem confesses, “but I have a great passion for the arts.  I always do research before working on a collection.

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Rings and
Evil Eye Bracelet
I am strongly influenced by the lyrics of the Egyptian diva Om Kalthoum.

My designs appeal to women who are looking for something unique.  I am proud of my heritage and it constantly inspires me with new ideas.”
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