Monday, October 15, 2012


Sterling Silver Mayan Inspiration
Earrings with Guatemalan Jade
Boating and fishing are a few activities visitors can take part in while visiting the city of Flores in Guatemala.

A myriad of fish species lives within the pristine, blue waters that surround the city.  Guatemala is also home to featured jewelry designer Pablo Castellanos.

Plenty of jewelers draw inspiration from their environment.  Their imaginations can be ignited by the bloom of a rose; ominous skyscrapers; or the textures of a piece of fabric. 

Jewelers can also be moved by vicarious settings; environments they did not actually experience first-hand.

Whether from the USA or Russia environment offers a variegated palette from which a jewelry artisan bases his or her designs.

Colonial art and the ancient Maya significantly influence Castellanos elegant, handmade jewelry designs.

His Shield Jaguar Pendant Necklace and his Mask from Naranjo Dangle Earrings highlight intricately carved surfaces of respective semblances of ancient ruler Pacal and Wak Kab’nal.  These items offer a commanding counterbalance to the designer’s otherwise low-key design style.
Sterling Silver Shield Jaguar Necklace
Smooth round facets of black, gray, lilac and green jade are focal points of many of the jeweler’s pared down designs.  The sleek facets and muted colors underscore the clean, modern sterling silver outlines yet they also vividly reflect Castellanos. 

“My grandparents started the first jewelry factory in our town.  They made traditional and modern jewelry.  My first piece of traditional silverwork was a Maya design bracelet with quetzal birds,” recalls the 32-year-old silversmith.

“When I was 20-years-old I obtained a counter for displaying silverwork and I began selling my jewelry.  Silver art was the best possible inheritance.  I use jade in my designs because it was sacred for the Maya. 
Sterling Silver Mixco Lady Cocktail Ring
with Lilac Jade

The stones help my work be fully identified with the history, customs and traditions of my country.

I am grateful to take a little bit of everything that Guatemala is and share it beyond its borders.”
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