Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sterling Silver Shetlandic Triangular Pendant Necklace
Renowned for the Loch Ness freshwater lake, the Cawder Castle, and red squirrels the Scottish Highlands’ rugged terrain is a popular attraction.

Scotland is also home to featured husband-wife design team Duncan and Jacqui Grant.

Scottish jewelry designers are an eclectic bunch.  Creations range from the bleak transience of Shona Carnegie’s aesthetic to the vibrant, botanical-inspired designs of Sarah Keay.

The Grants bring an unpretentious type of beauty to their 6-year-old brand, Lava Jewellery Design.  Inspired by the Scottish landscape of coastlines, steep cliffs, mountain ranges and rivers their collections of silver pendants, silver rings and silver earrings evoke the gray haze of foggy shorelines and cloudy skies.
18K Yellow Gold Sterling Silver Coastline Round Ring
To replicate gritty, uneven landscapes outlines are textured with ridges, brushed or matte finishes, subtle shadings of oxidation, and the fusing of sterling silver with 18-karat gold.  It is a restrained design style that exudes a spirit of authenticity and purity.

“I grew up in Moray alongside the river Spey,” says Duncan.  “I have spent many enjoyable days walking the stretch of the riverside.  The items from the Speyside Collection represent the way the sparkling of the river cuts through the Spey Valley.
Sterling Silver Highland Edged Drop Earrings with Diamond

Jacqui and I are also inspired by writers like Robert Burns and Rhoda Butler.

We wanted to capture the emotions both writers felt about Scotland and deliver this in our distinctive style.”
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