Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Bright Green Lampwork Bead Bracelet
The Australian Outback is perhaps one of the more intimidating areas of the rugged continent Australia. 

One of the most arid regions in the world, the Outback is surprisingly the habitat of such creatures as the dingo, wild camels and kangaroos.  

Australia is also the home base of featured jewelry brand Planettreasures.

The designer behind Planettreasures, known as Tess, has been making gemstone and crystal bead jewelry for more than twelve years. 

She implements a wide variety of semi-precious gemstones and glass beads to produce designer jewelry that is fun, cheery and elegant.

You have your choice of dressing a piece up with business attire, dressing it down in a pair of khaki shorts or taking the room in a statement maker like her Chain and Charms Necklace.

“I made this necklace with a gunmetal chain that is chunky in appearance but is very lightweight,” Tess explains.  “The chain is embellished with a brass central shell, glass fish made of Czech crystals, freshwater pearls and lampwork beads.

I began making earrings for myself when I couldn’t find anything I liked.  I had been living in the U.S. for three years and was inspired by the wonderful choice of bead shops and local gemstones from when I lived in Arizona.  Since them my range has grown.”
Venetian Glass Red Square Earrings
The variegated, lush colors of crystal and glass beads, stone beads, and gemstone beads that include blue kyanite, lime jade, and lapis lazuli are the heart and soul of bead bracelets, gemstone necklaces, or crystal earrings.  It is all about exploring spectrums of colors as well as shape, size and textures.

I like the different moods you can uncover with these lovely handmade jewelry designs; from the festive vibe of a fiesta necklace to the classic proportions of synthetic suede wrap bracelets to much differentiated creations like her Bottle Steampunk Treasure Necklace.
Czech Glass Beads Necklace with Silver Chain

It is clear that Tess is at play; simply having fun with jewelry making.

“I made the Steampunk Treasure Necklace with a glass vial filled with tiny watch parts and a scroll from my husband’s old primary school dictionary.

I love what I do. I love playing with beautiful beads and I love it when people love my creations.”
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