Monday, July 25, 2011


Sterling Silver Medium
Fuchsia Pendant Necklace
An island located in Ireland’s County Kerry holds a towering rock formation known as Skellig Michael (or Michael’s Rock).  

 A centuries-old Celtic monastery sits near the rock’s summit and serves as a home to puffins, razorbills and petrels.  Ireland is also home to featured jewelry designer Linda Uhlemann.

Ireland’s gorgeous landscapes, mysterious Celtic iconography as well as Mexico’s ancient pyramids inform Uhlemann’s classic yet nuanced contemporary Irish jewelry fashioned from sterling silver and 18-karat gold with accents of turquoise beads, garnets, and freshwater pearls.

The Dublin-based designer also creates custom jewelry and she enthusiastically scours the world searching for stunning gemstones.
“I love to travel and wherever I go I collect gemstones; glowing opals from Australia, turquoise from Arizona, and amethyst from Brazil.  I am passionate about gems and have loved them all my life,” she says.

The subtle lineation of curved triangle pendant necklaces; the commanding engraved spirals on the surface of silver cross necklaces; and the lithe curvatures of lily and snowdrop brooch pins are beautifully representative of Uhlemann’s signature style of pared down elegance.

“My jewelry is inspired by Ireland’s rich medieval past which has produced a wealth of fine jewelry.  My Carnac Collection is inspired by the Standing Stones of the ancient Celtic World.  The intricate swirls and spirals on the stones’ surface indicated places of healing and spirituality.
White Sterling Silver
Peace Lily Pendant Necklace

My Fuchsias Collection is elegant jewelry that depicts the fuchsia wild flower that grows along the hedgerows of Ireland.  Little girls living in the West of Ireland hang these delicate pink and purple blossoms around their necks and on their ears.

My work is found throughout Ireland, Great Britain and the USA. They make fabulous gifts for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, corporate gifts, and any special occasion.”
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