Tuesday, July 12, 2011


18-Karat Yellow Gold Rose Pendant Necklace
A popular site of France’s Le Puy-en Velay, an archdiocese that has existed since the Middle Ages, is the Cathedrale Notre Dame. 

This revered cathedral is not only known for its striking Gothic architecture but the ominous structure is the setting for the fictional story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

France is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Nathalie Sevikian.

In my opinion, there are different levels of elegance.  Take for example two ingénues; one actor almost never wears any noticeable makeup.  She sports modest, neat hairstyles and understated clothing ensembles.  She is nonetheless very attractive in her elegantly casual personal style.

The second actor is not a femme fatale; however she takes it up a notch with well coifed but not elaborate hair, clean makeup and a chic wardrobe.  Her personal style has just a bit more pizazz. I think the same applies to jewelry design. 

Jewelers like Shona Macaulay Fidgett (Scotland), Sadie Wang (Korea), and Melissa Joy Manning (USA) create gold bracelets or silver necklaces for the express purpose of blending with the wearer.

Monalisa Okojie’s (Africa) brand, Nehita, and JudeFrances Jewelry (USA) on the other hand bring a little more sparkle and panache to clear-cut lineation or curvatures.  The single, faceted gemstone surrounded by tiny white diamonds of a pendant necklace or the fluid, pure form of an 18-karat gold bangle bracelet; either way there is no denying that simplicity can be and is so beautiful.   

18-Karat Rose Gold Gingko Ear Wrap
The offspring of a French mother and Armenian father Sevikian loves the understated surface appearance that belies the intricacies of natural surroundings.  Her sleek bracelets, ear wraps and ring designs rendered in lush 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver adhere to of course a timeless aesthetic.

“I am sensitive to colors, textures, fabrics and I am interested in all natural elements beautifully created by nature like seeds, shells, leaves and flowers,” says Sevikian.  “My paternal grandfather was a goldsmith so my high interest for jewelry came early.  Given my passion for gemstones and diamonds in particular, I attended the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, Belgium.
18-Karat Yellow Gold Cosmic Desire
Ring with Tourmaline

I design jewelry in my head and select the best goldsmiths to make it. Gold and diamond jewelry is not disposable. It is timeless.

What I want to capture is the strength and emotion given by simplicity. Simplicity requires perfection.

Simplicity leads to raw emotion. My jewelry exists to stimulate all senses and become part of the personality.”
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