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14-Karat Gold Eagle Cuff Bracelet
Canada’s Old Quebec City is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as it contains numerous attractions that are literal portals through time. 

Surrounded by a centuries-old stone wall, Old Quebec City offers to visitors the Plains of Abraham Battlefield Park, the Chateau Frontenac, and The Citadel.  Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Landon Gunn.

Like Native Americans of the American Southwest, the Métis people of Canada literally put their heart and soul into their creative outlets. 

The Métis actively preserve their culture through poetry, film scriptwriting, children’s literature, music and wood carving.

Of Métis lineage Gunn has been a wood carver for nine years.  Haida artist Clarence Mills, who worked closely with Gunn during several totem pole projects, was the first to provide Gunn with techniques on how to design and carve jewelry pieces.

Sterling Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace
With that introduction Gunn further pursued instruction in this art form graduating in 2008 form the Native Education College where he participated in the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program.

The reverence for nature, particularly animals, is central to Gunn’s work.  In traditional Native American jewelry (within the United States) animals are like messengers that hold an abundance of life lessons and insight.  The loyalty of the wolf, the persistence of the hummingbird, and the power of the killer whale are the striking motifs that fill Gunn’s work.
14-Karat Gold Wolf Ring

His dexterity at carving is exceptional not only in the engraved, partial semblances of eagles, ravens, butterflies or wolves but also the embossed, ridged textures in the negative space of the metals.

There is an inherent gravity in the symbols he implements that is both commanding and regal. 

Selections of Gunn’s 14-karat gold and sterling silver cuff bracelets and silver pendants are available to buy online at Spirit Wrestler and LattimerGallery.
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