Monday, July 4, 2011


18-Karat Gold Vermeil Short Necklace
with Circle Flower Motifs
The 16th century Academia Gallery, located in Florence, Italy, houses Michelangelo’s famed Statue of David. 

The academy is considered one of the world’s oldest museums.  Italy is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Tessa Grazzini.

I think the appeal of some classic jewelry takes place in the recesses of the mind.  

The low-key, almost imperceptible vibe of some understated or timeless designs seem to take a subliminal, somewhat hypnotic hold on the subconscious.

I believe that is the genius of this jewelry style; it lures you in without you being entirely aware of it.  There is just something about the subtlety of arrangement; the delicacy of it.  The 18-karat gold vermeil collections of Grazzini’s six-year-old brand, Assya Jewellery, are a wonderful example of the power of simplicity.

A former employee of Sotheby’s and Estee Lauder, Grazzini brings her love of travel, art and “passion for gemstones” to her lovely fashion jewelry collections.  An alumna of London’s Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, Grazzini has scoured the globe for beautiful semi-precious gemstones by highlighting their dazzling colors and play of light in checkerboard or smooth cabochon facets.

Her Capri Swirl Pendant Necklace, from the Capri Collection, is a gorgeous take on the classic open circle necklace whereby a small, open circle sits poised within the larger one and two small gemstones—turquoise and rose quartz spheres—resemble tiny planets orbiting the larger circle’s periphery.  The piece is fabulously sleek.
18-Karat Gold Vermeil  Divine Star Ring
with Cabochon Turquoise

Timeless charm jewelry that feature doves, stars, hearts, the peace symbol, daisies, Hamsa hands, and the Assya flower (the signature design of the Enchanted Collection) provide a playful energy.

The deep, yellow hue of the gold vermeil is gorgeous; the perfect contrast to a lush, purple agate disk, pink topaz drop, or white pearl.  The silky golden hues of a chain link necklace combine with a second link of strung faceted amethysts in one piece mind you.  The captivating hue of gold ignites beautiful bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, and hoop earrings.

“My sister, Ninfa, joined my company a year after its official launch in 2005. 

Our goal is to create beautiful jewelry by taking unusual semi-precious stones and converting them into high quality, fashionable and affordable accessories,” says the London-based designer.

“Like me my in-house gemologist, Federica della Rocca, worked for Sotheby’s and has extensive experience in the art world.
18-Karat Gold Vermeil
Large Hoop Pearl Drop Earrings
Together we create custom and fine jewelry pieces as well as fashion jewelry items.

The objective is to adorn women with jewelry that has timeless appeal, understated femininity, and chic glamour.”
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