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18-Karat Gold Pendant Necklace
with Moonstone, Sapphires and Diamond
The Rocky Mountain National Park is the most renowned park in the state of Colorado. 

With an expanse of over 200,000 acres the park offers over 300 miles of hiking trails and the Trail Ridge Road; a road that allows visitors to view the state’s incredible mountain ranges. 

Colorado is also the current home of featured jewelry designer Margery Hirschey.

Witnessing fresh voices in any medium is always pretty exciting and the jewelry industry has plenty to offer in that regard. 

Since starting this blog in 2009 I have been introduced to a talented array of up-and-coming jewelry designers including Annie and Julie Reinberg of Popkiss Jewelry (USA), Claudia Gill Designs (Dominican Republic), Coll Smith (England), Ariane Arazi (Italy), and Clarity Collins of Scrollwork Designs (USA).

The common thread between them—and others—is each brings a variegated, signature voice/aesthetic to their designer jewelry collections.  Hirschey is also a new force to be reckoned with. 

A collector of vintage jewelry since childhood she has always held a deep love for the craft of jewelry making.  After creating designs with papier mache and glass beads she took the leap into precious metals and gemstones respectively studying silversmithing and jewelry construction at Indiana University and Colorado’s Clear Creek Academy of Jewelry and Metal Arts.

Hirschey implements 100% recycled, hammered 18- and 22-karat gold or blackened sterling silver into simple outlines of gold and sterling silver earrings, gold rings and textured gold, paper clip-like chains that hold beautiful gemstones such as green and red tourmaline or moonstone.  This is an elegant blend of classic and bohemian; delicate and organic.

“My background in dressmaking definitely helps me to build my jewelry.  When you know how things go together, whether it is tailoring or sculpture or jewelry making, it carries over to other mediums,” she explains.

22-Karat Gold Opal Ring

“It also gives you patience because when you are experienced at creating things and actually making them with your own hands, you know that it’s always better to take your time and do it right the first time.

I love choosing gemstones, and putting them together in unusual and beautiful combinations but recently I have been coming up with ideas in just metal, which I’m really excited about.”

Hirschey’s breakthrough into the jewelry industry, in 2008, came about unexpectedly.  After hours of “making jewelry on my back porch, I sent some photos out to some New York stores, mostly galleries, hoping to maybe hear back from a small gallery, if I was lucky.  I sent photos to Bergdorf Goodman, kind of as a whim.  I never expected to hear back from them.

I got an email; they told me they loved my work but they would need a lot more of it . . . and that was the beginning.  I made 50 pieces that debuted at a trunk show in Bergdorf Goodman.  I am still amazed by that!  It was a dream come true.

I use my designs as a way to express myself all the time.  My personal style is very relaxed and very comfortable in simple styles. I like to wear very simple sillouettes and wear pieces of jewelry to bring it to life and give it individuality.
22-Karat Gold Earrings with Diamond,
Spinel and Tourmaline

My line is feminine, organic, and has a bohemian quality to it. I am still new at this.  When you own your own business you learn every facet of the business. 

I have learned to do everything: marketing, bookkeeping, manufacturing, trade shows, negotiating, you name it.  It’s exhilarating and exhausting and I continue to learn something new every day.”

A selection of Hirschey’s fine jewelry items is also available to buy at Katayan Azarmi Rose’s (a/k/a Kathy Rose) online store
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