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Mini Cluster Flower Swirl Earrings
For nearly 1,000 years England’s Gothic church the Westminster Abbey has been the location for royal coronations. 

The church is also known for its stately organ created by British organ building company Harrison & Harrison.  England is also home to featured jewelry designer Lorna Henderson.

Though I have already said this in so many words it deserves repeating.  I love the versatility of gemstone jewelry. 

In one instance you have the chunky, statement makers composed primarily of raw, large gemstones like the stunning designer jewelry of Nicole Whisenhunt (Philippines). 

Then there are the classic, everyday items like simple, gemstone bead bracelets or gemstone pendants exemplified in the collections of American jewelry designers Ruth Barzel and Madelaine Mayer.

Last but not least, you have the glitzy style of gemstone jewelry where the stones used are mostly precious; they are meticulously cut and back dropped with white, yellow or rose gold.  Julie Liu’s (Taiwan) brand Tzen is one fine example that epitomizes this particular style.

Henderson’s aesthetic falls somewhere along the fringes of these three styles.  Her collections of gemstone bracelets, gemstone earrings, and gemstone rings possess a somewhat bewitching, ethereal kind of beauty that I feel perfectly complements a summer wedding.
Flower Cluster Dangle Bracelet
with Gemstone Beads
The sublime, complementary hues of cream, blue or red are like dollops of the sky at dusk or dawn; the dew covering the leaves of a tree; the haze of the summer sun; or the plump, ripe berries from a bush.

Henderson’s lush aesthetic is informed by floral patterns, colors and arrangements that culminate into a stunning hybrid of chic understatement, eye catching components, and bold color.

“My grandmother’s garden had a flower bed that was full of all sorts of flowers and plants that were always changing.  I used to spend hours exploring the little parts, taking in all the different colors and textures.  Whenever I am designing, I have this in mind,” she says.

The one-time geography major enrolled in a silversmithing course while living and working in London; she fell in love with the art form.  “Since I have a degree in geography I initially thought I would save the world.  Then I realized I actually just wanted to try and make it a happier, prettier place.
Heart Cluster Pendant Necklace

I like to think of my jewelry as works of art that can adorn the body, which have life, are unusual and make the wearer happy.”

Henderson can be contacted through her official website. Her email address is located at the bottom of the page.

To view her work, however, be sure to check out retailer sites Lasso the Moon, and Not on the High Street.
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