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18-Karat Gold Twisted Wire Pendant
Necklace with Black Leather Cord
The Central Bank of Iran holds the most spectacular display of ancient Iranian jewelry from the Safavid and Pahlavin dynasties.  Iran is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Lisa Nikfarjam.

Current events notwithstanding the country of Iran (formerly known as Persia) is a virtual trove of lavish treasures. 

According to archaeological excavations of six tombs located at Tillya Tepe uncovered an enormous assortment of gold jewelry including brooch pins, pendant necklaces, and gold rings.

The luminous gemstones highlighted in these artifacts included red garnets from India, Baltic amber, pearls from the Arabian Sea as well as locally mined turquoise, carnelian and lapis lazuli.

A native of Washington, D.C., the former Executive Vice President of esteemed Italian jewelry house Roberto Coin, Nikfarjam launched her personal collection of designer jewelry, Lisa Nik Jewelry, in 2009 as she wanted to delve into the creative side of the jewelry industry.

Her refined collections of 18-karat white, yellow and rose gold, and sterling silver are inspired by mosaic patterns and take a cue from ancient Persian jewelers in that incredible precious and semi-precious gemstones are dazzling focal points.

Sterling Silver Status Rings
Delicate and classic outlines inform her lovely ready-to-wear and custom modern jewelry. While her Charms Collection pay homage to universal symbols with heart jewelry and cross necklaces, the essence of her Heartbreaker Collection is a somewhat irreverent flip-side to its sister collection with engraved sterling silver Status Rings with either the words “Taken”, “Naughty” and “Bitch” etched on the bands, alongside revolver pendant necklaces fashioned from 18-karat white gold.

Nikfarjam’s alternate Rock Candy and Colors collections feature exquisite, checkerboard faceted pistachio quartz, fused purple sugalite and quartz, blue London quartz, and green amethyst.  The fused gemstones are the designer’s signature as the complementary shades of these carefully selected stones create a remarkable luster.

“I founded my company on a belief in the individuality of expression through bold color and adherence to the highest standards of quality,” says the New York-based designer.
18-Karat Rose Gold Earrings
with Round Garnets and Diamonds

“Color inspires me.  I am convinced colors can affect our moods and that jewelry can create an emotional reaction through color. 

My goal is to evoke emotional responses and inspire moments of optimism and happiness by translating artistic elements into jewelry that can be worn by women of diverse ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.”

Items from Nikfarjam's collections are availabe to buy online at
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