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14-Karat Gold-Filled Amazonite
Skinny Wrap Hoop Earrings
Tourists frequently opt to take cable cars or hiking trails to see the incredible scenery of China’s Huangshan Mountain Range. 

China is also the ancestral home of the design team for featured jewelry brand Viv & Ingrid Jewelry.

The “obsessive-compulsive” duo of jewelry brand Viv & Ingrid, Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen, met when they were youngsters in Contra Costa Country, California; but it would be some years later before the two would learn of one another’s’ love for jewelry design.

Based in California, both women attended the University of California where Chen received a BA in Physiology and Wang obtained a business degree. 

These accomplishments, however, would provide fleeting fulfillment leaving both women wanting something more.  “I pursued an MFA in Fashion Design at the Academy of Art College,” says Chen.  “Vivian traded the corporate scene for a life on the road, backpacking through Europe, Asia and Australia.

One day in January 1999 we got together over a cup of coffee and started talking about the latest fashion trends.  We both knew . . . we were a design team waiting to happen!”

With this epiphany Wang moved into Chen’s apartment where the living room became a makeshift studio. Here is where their brand, Viv & Ingrid, came to life in the guise of crystal and gemstone earrings, stackable rings and their signature 14-karat gold-filled Wrap Hoop Earrings.
14-Karat Gold-Filled Eternity Ring
Bracelet with White Pearl
Wang and Chen opt for elegance in design arrangements while also playing with eye-catching color.  There is discreet charm necklaces featuring sterling silver or 14-karat gold vermeil leaves, elephants, wishbones and hearts suspended from cotton cords. 

There is also bridal and birthstone jewelry the latter of which are pendant necklaces highlighting a charm cluster that includes an initial charm and faceted birthstones. 

The brand’s Lotus Chandelier Earrings fashioned with pink jade epitomizes the delicate, gentle beauty of the designers’ aesthetic.  Only four jade stones are used; their arrangement and facets are made to resemble the outline of a lotus blossom petal.

“Some believe that the lotus flower represents purity of the body, speech and mind,” says Chen.  “We think wearing these gorgeous chandeliers will bring you just that.  We set out to create accessible luxuries for the modern woman.” 

Items from the Viv & Ingrid brand have been featured in countless, prominent magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, InStyle, O and Essence. 
14-Karat Gold-Filled Pink Jade
Lotus Chandelier Earrings

A personal favorite of entertainers Uma Thurman, Rachel Bilson, Jewel, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock and Molly Sims is the brand's ethereal, 14-karat gold filled Teardrop Double Hoop Earrings.
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