Tuesday, June 7, 2011


.950 Silver Angel Glow Pendant Necklace
Formed by the powerful Urubamba River, Peru’s Urubamba Valley was highly revered by the Incas for its wealth of precious minerals and fertile soil.  Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Gilda Vega.

Peru is renowned for its stunning natural beauty.  The majestic rapids of the Amazon River; over 3,000 classifications of orchid beautifying the slopes of the Andes; and the mysterious Nazca Lines are among the country’s incredible scenery.

Vega’s subdued and deliberate aesthetic of .950 silver and semi-precious gemstones is largely inspired by the ethereal forms that make up the Nazca Lines. 

A jewelry maker since 2002, Vega takes a special interest in her country’s history and chose the Nazca iconography because of their spiritual overtones.

“I love nature and I admire it very much: I especially like the series I have done in silver with motifs from the Nazca culture.  I want to grant each human story a portion of this mystery tied to our ancestors: the inspiration of the past in an atmosphere of forms and feelings.”

The clean, geometric shapes of the Nazca Hummingbird and Monkey are central to Vega’s understated silver designer jewelry.  Accents of jasper, blue sodalite, chrysocalla and obsidian are carved in sleek subtle facets. 
These are not showy, knockout pieces and that seems to be a measured choice as Vega’s interest is in conveying the deeper, hidden complexity of these streamlined symbols.

“I rescue the energies that these marvelous gemstones gave to the spiritual and mystical life of the ancient Nazca peoples.  Thus, I revert an accumulation of beauty and energy to our modern world giving it a subtle balance and the inner harmony we desire so much.
.950 Silver Nazca Monkey Earrings

I base my passion wholly in the Nazca peoples’ exquisite imagination and infinite sensitivity to create pieces in silver. 

Wth the power of fire they eventually forged silvery indium.  Sharing our pre-Hispanic silver that began from new technical postulates is part of the expression in my pieces.”
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