Monday, June 13, 2011


Sterling Silver and Porcelain
Blooming Earrings
The town of Ivalo, located in Finland, harbors a wealth of activities to take part in including a canoe ride down Ivalojoki River, fishing, mountain hiking and even panning for gold.  Finland is also home to featured jewelry designer Kirsti Doukas.

I have often stated that jewelry is so evocative; it can create a feeling or complement a mood.  It can provide a sense of spring or summer; fiery passion; or just flat-out boldness.

Classic jewelry designs are like an old friend.  You feel comfortable with it. You don’t worry about how you look wearing it.  You don’t think to yourself this style of jewelry does not look right on me.  Am I right?

Keeping in line with the renowned, minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic the award-winning Doukas creates classically styled sterling silver jewelry informed by the lyrical verses of Finnish poetry, nature and the powerful drama of opera.

The white metal of silver earrings, silver cuff bracelets, and brooch pins is sleek and rather frigid in presentation.  Outlines are clean and straightforward; the use of gemstones is minimal which provides a crisp almost icy surface personality that belies a soul brimming with complexity.
Sterling Silver Carmen Cuff Bracelet

Each piece holds a story.  A shrublet growing in Finnish forests, the Twinflower, serves as the inspiration for Doukas’ collection of the same name.

Finnish poet Johan Ludvig’s poem By the Fountain inspired the water-like outlines of Doukas’ Fountain Collection; and the intricate, lacy patterns of the Carmen Collection takes its cue from the strong female lead of the Carmen opera.

Doukas’ sharp, modern designer jewelry is available to buy online at one of Finland’s largest jewelry manufacturers, Kalevala Jewelry.
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