Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Aquamarine Bracelet with Sterling Silver
Known to some as the Grand Canyon’s smaller cousin, Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon is just as well known. 

With its unusual and colorful rock formations, clear swimming holes, and Native American handicrafts it is a location that satisfies the craving for an assortment of beauty. 

Arizona is also home to featured jewelry designer Sarah Elliott.

Depending on the effect the jeweler wants to achieve handmade gemstone jewelry can be anywhere from super casual to chic to statement making. 

The variety of design styles include a single strand necklace with like gemstones offset with crystal beads or a bold mesh of multi-strands with like gemstone beads in both size and color.

Founded in 2000, Sarah Elliott Jewelry began unexpectedly when Elliott purchased a glass bead kit to make jewelry for her two daughters.   Giving over to her newfound passion she followed an aesthetic that keeps in line with the principles of her former career as an interior designer.

“I compose designs that balance shape, size and color as well as keeping form and function central,” she says. 
Pink Topaz and 22-Karat Gold Bead
Drop Earrings
Composed of Thai and Balinese sterling silver beads, copper, freshwater pearls and precious metal clay, among others, the personality of her designer jewelry is alternately modern, class and understated.

Subdued colros of taupe, grey and pale green provide a soothing tone.  The lovely opaque Afghani Jade gemstone beads of her Amonite and Jade Necklace (from her Etsy store) are like beads of warm, translucent light; and the misty blue color of her Aquamarine Bracelet is like a tranquilizing seductress.

Many of the gemstones resemble rocks or candy in some ways such as the cream and brown shades of Elliott’s Orbicular Jasper and Glass Seed Bead Necklace.  The jasper is cut into a smooth, circular disc resembling milk chocolate mingled with flecks of white chocolate.

“Most of my pieces are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition so I pride myself on attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship.
Amonite Fossil and Afghani Jade Necklace
I love simple elegance; the iridescene of pearls; the light, neutral appearance of Afghani Jade, and Crabe Agate that looks like a crustacean’s shell.

The sensibility of working fourteen years as an interior designer carries over into every piece.”
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