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Sterling Silver and 9 Karat Gold
Ourmite Jar Pendant Necklace
For ninety-one years England’s Imperial War Museum has provided visitors with historical information and memorabilia of WWI and WWII. 

Letters, full-size military vehciles, and ammunition are a portion of the attractions within its walls.  England is also home to featured jewelry designer Stephen Einhorn.

The quiet elegance of Einhorn’s classic designer jewelry is characterized by fluid, voluptuous curvatures. 

Jewelry is inherently sensual by virtue of direct contact with the skin; but Einhorn’s collection of gold pendants, wedding rings, and men’s jewelry are so full-bodied and sinuous you could easily spend as much time running your finger along its lipid-like surfaces as wearing it.

“I am interested in designs that are totally wearable. My design signature is elegant simplicity,” he says.  “We only use conflict free diamonds in accordance with the Kimberley Process and do not use sapphires and rubies that come from the military regime of Myanmar on ethical grounds.”

After selling a lucrative “advertising model-making company” in 1995 Einhorn opened a jewelry workshop in which he created a men’s collection for fashion designers Paul Smith, Dexter Wong, Takeo Kikuchi, and Alfred Dunhill.

As he grew his personal brand he focused on keeping his aesthetic clean but with sublte flair.  Whimsical charm jewelry that includes flowers, bluebirds, skulls, fangs, and the quintessential British iconography of teacup and saucer is among the items of Einhorn’s timeless fine jewelry collections.  The plump outlines of 9- or 18-karat yellow, white and rose gold heart pendants and initial jewelry have their place as well.

The simple beauty of pearl strands, pearl pendants and pearl drop earrings fashioned from freshwater and peacock pearls make up the brand’s Pearl Jewellery Collection of course. 
9 Karat Gold Contessa Leaf Drop Earrings with Pink Pearls
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day,” Einhorn jokingly says of his Contessa Leaf Drop Earrings that feature luminous pink pearls.  “Well no thanks just put your hand in your pocket pal and buy me some of these!”

Einhorn’s Thames Wood Jewellery Collection is a beautiful combination of dark, exclusive Oak wood with silky 18-karat yellow gold.  “When the Romans invaded Britain in 55 BC they needed a dock to get off their boats. 

They went searching for wood and found a small forest of Oak growing on the Greenwich peninsular.  They built the first Roman dock in Britain on the River Thames,” he explains.

“This Oak—Thames Wood—was discovered by Dr. Martin Bridge of University College London during an excavation.  Using this very limited amount of rare and precious material I design and hand crafted pieces that reflect the rare beauty and historical value of this ancient wood.  I developed a unique sealing technique to protect and waterproof this 2000 year old Oak.”

Einhorn is also among the first jewelers to include commitment rings for same-sex couples alongside traditional bridal and wedding jewelry. In addition to his sleek ready-to-wear pieces he also creates custom jewelry.
9 Karat Gold and Thames Wood Ring of Sighs
“I draw inspiration from all things around me such as music, art, London’s history and architecture.

I like hidden messages, subversion, a slight twist. Simplicity and elegance of form. I design classic collections that I continually expand allowing my customers to become collectors.”
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