Monday, June 6, 2011


White Pearl Constellation Necklace
The 13th century Eilean Donan Castle, located in Scotland, has served as a stunning backdrop in many feature films including Highlander

The fortress also makes the perfect setting for a wedding.  Scotland is the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Estyn Hulbert.

In my opinion, pearl jewelry has a buttoned down reputation. 

The traditional presentation of this gemstone in the classic string of pearls or as bridal jewelry gives it an unquestionable air of staunch refinement; perhaps too much for its own good.

New York-based Hulbert generously explores the refinement of this simple yet exquisite gemstone creating complex and supple forms that possess incredible fluidity.  In her Leaf Collection, for instance, she utilizes 14-karat gold wire, tiny white pearl beads as well as green tourmaline and hesanite garnet beads to produce the likeness of a leaf in flexible, sinuous form.

The graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art draws from an eclectic mix of artsy skills that includes sewing and sculptural knitting. 
Ombre Green Tourmaline Leaf Earrings
“In high school I fell in love with knitting and designed intricate patterns based on Islamic tiles and Klimt paintings.  I studied film and photography for a year and I majored in graphic design and animation when I attended the Edinburgh College of Art.

After moving to New York eleven years ago, I started making jewelry while I worked as an assistant to my aunt, Jessica Rose.  I apprenticed with her and immersed myself in the materials and language of exquisite wearable art.” 

In 2006, Hulbert launched her brand of superbly crafted strands of multi-colored freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones. 

While classic and ultra-sophisticated Hulbert’s handmade jewelry creations are equally distinctive in the elegant golden fringe of her Loop, Pagoda, Harlequin and Teardrop collections to the lithe wave outlines of her Flower Collection.
Turquoise Wild Geese Bracelet

“I work with single units, adding and subtracting them to create shapes, the materials providing me with a palette of textures and contrasts. 

I think in terms of the architecture of a piece, striving for structural integrity and seamlessness between the material and the form."
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