Wednesday, June 15, 2011


14-Karat Gold Plated Fan Ring
Just over 100 years old New York’s Flatiron Building, located in Manhattan, is a unique structure designed by Daniel Burnham. 

The building is patterned after Greek columns as it sits on a “triangular block with Beaux-Arts styling.”  New York is also home to featured jewelry designer Alexandra Beth Samit.

Like many people affected by the economic downturn Samit found herself in a frustrating quandary; a job she was offered was quickly dissolved by the company. 

Out of work and with a fresh business degree the Emory University graduate, and Maryland native, was eager to put her commercial know-how to use.  Her 16-year long hobby of jewelry making would serve as the perfect outlet. 

“When I was six years old, after my first day of elementary school, I came home to a present of a miniature bottle of purple beads.  I sat on the floor and went to work.  By the time I was 15 I sold my first bead pieces under the banner of Alexandra’s Beads,” she recalls.

“After the job fell through, I decided to revamp the collection, design a website and create a business plan to bring my designs to a wider audience.   That was the launch of my present company Alexandra Beth Designs.”

The owner of a wardrobe that includes a Gap coat, American Apparel leggings and tank tops by Pookie and Sebastian, Samit enjoys creating her affordable designer fashion jewelry with thematic styles. 
Anne Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet

Her eclectic mix of gemstone earrings, bold gold plated or sterling silver rings, druzy gemstone pendants, and her signature studded leather wrap bracelets are akin to buying a great music CD.  Every piece tells a different story and exudes a different mood.

The Zan Snake and Camel leather bracelets, for instance, highlight leopard and snake skin patterns; there are chunky bib necklaces; a thick chain link necklace; and her lovely Becca Beaded Bracelets that feature hand painted beads made by Ghanaian women.  Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this particular item are donated to the Ryvanz-Mia Orphanage in Africa.

Samit’s ring collection is a sheer statement maker.  The Jaclyn Ring (rendered in 14-karat gold vermeil or gunmetal) is a stunning knuckle ring with three, segmented parts reminiscent of Roman body armor!
14-Karat Gold Vermeil Turquoise Drops

Last year Samit’s ambitious design approach and marketing skills helped her to become the youngest designer to helm a trunk show in the Bloomingdale’s store of Maryland-based White Flint Mall. 

“I thread my passion through a myriad of designs that have sold in more than 20 retail boutiques.Each piece of my jewelry is personally designed and handcrafted I feel lucky to bring happiness to others through my jewelry.”
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