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Lapis Lazuli Natural Sophistication Torsade Bracelet
Pilgrimages to India’s Girnar Temples occur annually.  Considered as an “anthology of mountains,” eight thousand steps lead to stunning architecture amidst the backup of spectacular mountain ranges.  India is also home to featured jewelry designer Narayani.

For many designers creating gemstone jewelry is as much about the beauty of the semi-precious gemstones implemented as well as their inherent healing properties. 

According to blogger, and freelance writer, Anamika S. astrological or planetary influences can play a sizable role in the types of gemstone pieces a prospective wearer chooses to purchase.

In the end, whether healing properties or astrology determine the creation or purchase of this style of jewelry, there is no question the lustrous shimmer of these minerals definitely appeals to the eyes.

The mother of jewelry designer Neeru Goel, Narayani did not pursue her interest in jewelry making until later in life.  She sites her mother, who collected gemstones, as a large influence on her love for the art form.
Onyx Moonstone Treasure Strand Necklace
“My mother has been my greatest source of inspiration my entire life.  Never did I imagine that I would be designing jewelry.  I inherited my interest in jewelry from my mother.  She constantly collected jewelries and for my wedding gave me quite a few pieces from her collection.”

Narayani incorporates variegated colors in her assortment of gemstone bracelets, torsade necklaces, and gemstone earrings.  The rich red hues of carnelian; the dusky tones of lapis lazuli; the breezy, pale blue of aquamarine; and the citrusy yellow-gold hues of citrine bring visual depth and life to her creations.

She combines green malachite and purple amethyst; black onyx and white moonstone; carnelian and amethyst; pearl and carnelian; and peridot and amethyst.  Smooth cabochon, checkerboard and facets resembling shaved ice add more personality to her glittering designer jewelry.

Narayani’s style of single and multi-strand necklaces are alternately classic, sophisticated and casual as her designs easily complement a beach-ready wardrobe or a glamorous night on the town.  Her inclusion of engraved sterling silver beads between gemstones provides a striking contrast.
Sterling Silver Indian Ivory Pearl Chandelier Earrings

"I began using my free time to string gemstones into jewelry pieces and I loved the results. 

It’s never too late to fulfill your passion and so here I am living my dreams which were somehow, somewhere hidden deep within me.”
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