Thursday, January 8, 2015


Sterling Silver Moon at Midnight Pearl Necklace
Party goers and beach bums alike will enjoy what Thailand’s Patonga Beach has to offer.

Located on the island Phuket, the beach provides fun-in-the-sun activities like beach volleyball and jet-skiing. 

However, the locale’s nightlife is equally energetic with the Soi Bangla touted as the “wildest party zone of the beach.”

Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Withaya Cheunjuit.

Like Brazil, Thailand is a region known for its abundance of gemstones; however, it is also a region renowned for its skilled silversmiths.  

A veteran of over twenty years, Cheunjuit constructs largely streamlined jewelry pieces that make full use of his silversmithing expertise in which the beautiful gemstones of the region are deftly integrated.  Lovely pink, peach and rose pearls, as well as citrine, amethyst and glass beads are his accents of choice.

His blend of Western and traditional Thai aesthetics produce a style that vacillates between chic simplicity and capriciousness.  It is a style full of tactility and plenty of surface textures including knots, waves, perforation, and concentric circles.

There is the delicacy of his Lovely Leaves Necklace which is a link of overlapping, open leaf and square forms.  His whimsical piece Marine Fantasy Earrings highlight adorable sterling fish forms accented with lapis beads; and his re-imagined ID bracelets are inscribed with uplifting words like hope, love and peace.
Sterling Silver Ripple Effect Cuff Bracelet
with 24K Gold Plated Accent
Based in Chiang Mai, Cheunjuit often works with his wife, Achara, in addition to producing his own designs.  While riding his motorbike in the mountains he often finds himself coming up with ideas for silver bracelets, drop earrings or silver rings. 

“After receiving a degree in architecture, I was motivated to design jewelry.  I became interested in silver jewelry after moving to Chiang Mai,” he says.  “My work centers around incorporating charms, gemstones and silver beads.  I spend leisure time in the mountains racing my motorbike.
Sterling Silver Precious Peach Dangle
with Peach Pearls

Aside from the thrill of that I draw a lot of inspiration for my designs.  I love the beauty of nature in Chiang Mai and nature inspires many of my designs.

Although I love motorbike racing I am a jewelry designer at heart.”

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