Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Bronze Wave Ring
There are plenty of ways to travel within the Spanish city, Malaga, by plane, cab or train. 

Visitors are eager to appraise the city’s architecture such as the Gibralfaro Castle that provides a panoramic view of the city. 

Spain is also home to featured jewelry designer Inés Susaeta.

The sea is a strange, unknown world with a myriad of creatures thriving in its depths.  It is mysterious, beautiful and powerful.  Susaeta’s jewelry reflects a lifelong love of the surf. 

Her affordable jewelry creations of languid ropes strewn with bronze spikes, and muted hues of beach stones cradled in sterling silver cages seem like sunken treasures excavated from the ocean floor.  They simultaneously evoke hazy beach sunrises; overcast skies that mirror grey sands below; and never-ending blue skies on a bright, sunny day.

Susaeta grew up in the seaside town Sopelana, Spain where she loved watching her father catch waves in the Cantabarian Sea. 

Sopelana is also where she developed a strong “link with nature.”  She provides coral branches and sea shells with full-fledged collections as well as the aforementioned beach stones.
Bronze Coral Bracelet with Silk Ribbon
Her easy going yet discrete style holds a little edge and drama.  The naturalistic, free form outlines of the bronze rings from her Spike Collection, in particular, are so organic they resemble clawed creatures emerging from the surf! 

Accents of tiny sapphires and emeralds are paired with natural beach stones cultivating pendant necklaces and link bracelets that are both unpretentious and chic. 

Having observed her mother paint and create sculptures from objects she found on the beach, jewelry production was an inevitable pursuit for Susaeta.

Trained in jewelry making by a “Colombian teacher,” the “textures, colors and shapes” of her seaside world easily became central to her aesthetic.  “Nature is an endless source of aesthetic resources.  You have to pay attention and look; there is where my work begins.

Cliffs of different shores provide me and my team with raw material for our jewelry.  The shores of these cliffs are where I select each stone for our designs.
Sterling Silver Black Beach Stone Necklace
with Black Zircons

Every single jewel has a feeling and a story behind it, which makes it unique. 

My jewelry is for anyone who is looking for quality and pieces with strong personality.”

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