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Sterling Silver Opal Reversible Pendant Necklace
Located in the foothills of China’s Haba Snow Mountains is the idyllic Baishui Terrace.

Resembling carved marble, visitors are mesmerized by its crystal-like, waterfall type appearance that is offset by beautiful mountain flowers. 

China is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Kari Woo.

I don’t think simplicity of design is an easy thing to pull off. 

It requires knowing which details are unnecessary, doing away with them, and leaving behind what is essential.  Woo, in my opinion, nails it.

Composed of sterling silver the creations from her Draw the Line Collection are whimsical in their elemental forms.  An open circle, spiral, or triangle evoke an animated line that lands on a woman’s ear, wrist or neck shifting and changing to match her mood.  This transient aspect is further heightened by the almost invisible glimpse of silver metal.

The Life is Sweet series, from the Solid Ground Collection, takes a sculptural turn with rounded three-dimensional, solid sterling silver forms of birds, hearts, and silver drops.  Subtle etchings liven up the clear-cut shapes of her Etched series, also from the Solid Ground Collection

Overall the aesthetic is perfect for the on-the-go woman who doesn’t want to spend too much time choosing a piece of jewelry to wear.  Woo’s simple style deviations bring just enough personality to these dainty creations without intrusiveness while still drawing the eye.
Sterling Silver Spiral Coil Stud Earrings
The jewelry artist has spent twenty-one years perfecting her design style.  Although the Canada-based designer has loved jewelry since childhood--she used to disassemble her costume jewelry collection with nail clippers and tweezers—she came about jewelry making by chance.

“I was recovering from a snowboarding injury that wrecked my knee.  I had limited movement for a number of months, so I enrolled in a beginner jewelry class.  As soon as I touched the metal, I was hooked,” she beams.

After completing the course Woo spent the first five years experimenting with techniques.  However, after recognizing “the limitations of my skill,” she attended Alberta College of Art and Design to acquire a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction.

“My aesthetic is based on less is more.  I design for timelessness rather than trend. I am inspired by the quality of a simple line and the minimalism of modern sculpture.
Sterling Silver Scribble Bead Pendant Necklace

My aim is to create substance and meaning through design and to make beautiful, memorable objects that people can connect with.”
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