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Solid Engraved Brass Mollusk Cuff Bracelet
from Dream Collective
Initially known as the State Exposition Park, the Los Angeles California Science Center is considered one of the West Coast’s largest “interactive” science centers. 

Exhibits such as the World of Life, and World of Ecology provide insight and information about life processes and eco-systems. 

California is also home to featured jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley.

Los Angeles-based Bentley packs an ambitious one-two punch with a fine jewelry collection, launched in 2008; and a costume jewelry line, called Dream Collective, launched in 2010.  Both collections highlight a love of classic outlines.

The fine jewelry line is partial to wavy band rings in 18-karat gold; pebble rocks covered with sparkly pavĂ© rubies; and earrings with inlaid moonstone, turquoise and opal. 

Handcrafted from gold plated brass, sterling silver and solid brass the Dream Collective is inspired by the invigorating Art Deco period, Brazilian urban landscapes, and the playful Memphis-Milano Design Movement.  Items developed via inspiration from the latter movement are a vision of primary colors and rudimentary forms presented with an almost abstract sensibility.    

Rings like her Black and Cream Daphne Ring punctuate a setting of sleek graphic lines in cream and black enamel; while her oxidized Adler Collar evokes tribal garb of ancient Maya. 

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Bentley graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts, and thereafter apprenticed with jeweler Philip Crangi learning wax mold carving and metalsmithing. 
14K Rose Gold Opal Organic Amulet (left); and 14K Rose Gold
Turquoise Summer Triangle Ring from Fine Jewelry Collection
She compares jewelry making to creating small sculptures and loves the inclusion of primal aspects in a timeless context.

“I reference indigenous cultures and primordial forms in my collections and I like to combine roughhewn shapes and raw textures to achieve a natural delicacy,” she says.  

“I always think about reinterpreting different kinds of textures I have seen in Navajo rugs or Anasazi pottery into my designs.”
Brass Rio Earrings with Enamel
from Dream Collective

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertTribal flourishes were a key trend in jewelry on the runways. 

Bentley’s inclination for strong abstract forms, particularly in her necklace designs, puts her squarely on trend for this style.
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