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Sterling Silver Pebble Necklace with
Greywacke Pebbles
New Zealand is an area of magnificent natural beauty with landscapes that vary from forests to beaches.  

Actual golden sands fill the northern coastline of the Abel Tasman National Park; and Waikoropupu Springs has the distinction of holding the “world’s clearest, freshwater”. 

New Zealand is also home to featured jewelry designer Jeremy Leeming.

Leeming’s streamlined jewelry creations of sterling silver, green Pounamu, lapis lazuli, and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise reflect a gentle, serene beauty.  

Sculptural geometrics of elongated curvatures are sleek outlines offset by subtle accents of inlaid lapis or support links of Greywacke pebbles, lava stone or Basalt.  It is an intriguing aesthetic of clear-cut simplicity, and in some cases like his Sunburst Necklace, statement making flair.

Currently based in Christchurch, Leeming studied craft design twenty-two years at Otago Polytechnic’s Dunedin School of Art.
18K Gold and Sterling Silver Push Ring with
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
He would gain additional skills in jewelry making through the tutelage of Blair Smith, Kobi Bosshard, and Jens Hansen, the latter of whom Leeming served as an apprentice.  Leeming’s work conveys that even the most elegant design can hold something a little unexpected.

“I work on each piece individually and my motivation is to find simplicity in form.  I want to create pieces with clean lines using a simple palette of metals, precious, and semi-precious stones.
Sterling Silver Lapis Disc Earrings

I am fascinated by the enduing qualities of rocks and stones like Argillite, Basalt and Nephrite. 

Implementing lapidary techniques ensures that that each form I create with these rocks and stones is created in sympathy with the material.”
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