Friday, January 9, 2015


22K Gold Hammered Gold Ring
with Ancient Goddess Wrap
Santorini, Greece is a place of unique beauty, and is “regarded as a natural wonder.” 

Its beaches are the perfect spot to watch stunning sunsets, and one beach aptly named the Red Beach, has vivid red sand. 

Greece is also the ancestral home to featured jewelry designer Lena Katsimbrakis.

Katsimbrakis’ gorgeous costume jewelry brand, Kalliste, is a convergence of chic minimalism and sculptural flourishes. 

Named after a goddess the 18-and 24-karat gold plated bronze cuff bracelets, drop earrings, and bar necklaces evoke breezy, flouncy imagery of Aphrodite.

There are beautiful gemstone pieces such as her rectangle kyanite ring; double-stone rings; blue evil eyes; and double-stone bracelets pairing lapis lazuli and Sea Jasper.  There are the lithe, swirl designs of cuff bracelets like her Wrap Snake Bracelet and Hammered Gold Cuff Bracelet with leaf accent.

Inspired by her childhood visits to Greece, New York-based Katsimbrakis imparts lyrical beauty to her handmade jewelry creations.  “I was born and raised in New York, but I became obsessed with Greek jewelry trends during the annual family trips to Greece,” she explains.
18K Gold Plated Bronze Double Stone Earrings
with Blue Aventurine 
“My brand is inspired by ancient symbols, and mythology.  The name of my brand translates to most beautiful.  The leaf motif, particularly the olive leaf, is special to some of my designs.  It is a symbol of prosperity and peace,” says Katsimbrakis. 

“I include zircon in many of my designs as well.  There is a misconception that zircon is cubic zirconia.  Zircon is a natural stone, not a simulated stone, which is chiefly mined in Greece.

Goddesses are a big theme in my jewelry.  I include moonstone in my Greek Goddess Hammered Gold Cuff Stacking Bangles.  Moonstone has a reflective, calming energy that I believe honors the inner goddess in all women.”
18K Gold Vermeil Geometric Lapis
and Zircon Necklace

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertThankfully costume jewelry is no longer synonymous with subpar materials. 

According to experts in the jewelry world, this jewelry niche is also a trend expected to be around for a long time.
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