Monday, March 3, 2014


Sterling Silver Piata Ring with
Totweka and Garnet
“Wet weather gears and comfortable attire” is recommended when hiking New Zealand’s Milford Track.  

This popular hiking trail leads to one of the country’s stunning, natural wonders: Sutherland Falls.  

New Zealand is also home to featured jewelry designer Neke Moa.

Don’t get me wrong.  Surface beauty is great; it is wonderful.  Unfortunately, however, it can be easily taken for granted.  

Unveiling the personality behind the beauty can take beauty to the next level.  Personality can add a commanding layer of edge or undeniable femininity.  Beauty and personality is a combination that packs an unforgettable one-two punch.

Moa’s jewelry of sterling silver, copper, and black pearl shell is a great example of sumptuous beauty paired with idiosyncrasy.  At the center of her straightforward yet exotic aesthetic is the New Zealand Pounamu or “greenstone”. 

Showcased in a variety of sizes and smooth cuts the stone’s rich green hues captivates in rings, pendant necklaces and earrings.  Maori tikis and icons of power and spirituality populate her collections.

A graduate of Whitreia Polytechnic, Moa’s love for her heritage translates into the selected materials she implements.  In addition to the lovely Pounamu stone her creations highlight whale tooth, ivory beads and ebony.  
Te Ana Pendant Necklace with Pounama
The juxtaposition of delicate silver chains suspending Pounamu pendants is a beautiful display of classic style with strong cultural accents. Her fused sterling metal pieces are like abstract sculptures.  There is no lack of personality here.  It is distinctive and tribal yet enigmatic.

“I believe in passing on my knowledge and skills.  I teach jewelry part-time.  The greenstone or Pounamu is a huge inspiration to create wearable art.  I am influenced by my personal tastes, and preferences. 

Of course when I am working on a custom piece those same influences apply.  I like knowing the person’s background—where they come from.   

My goal--whether I am designing for my collection or someone else—is to design something personal and special.” 
Sterling Silver Pouroa Earrings with Pounamu
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThough classically styled Moa’s ethnic jewelry has a definite tribal vibe.  

Toss in the gorgeous jade green shade of Pounamu and you have styles on trend for the year.
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