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Silver Feather Necklace with
Spanish Linen Threads
With a population of Americans, Canadians and Europeans the Israeli city of Netanya is truly unique.  

There is a golf course sprawled across the city’s landscapes as well as the gold sands of lengthy beaches.

Byzantine burial caves and strolling soft-shell turtles are other interesting, if not surprising, sights to see.  Israel is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Ifat Nesher.

Nesher’s breathtaking handmade jewelry collection, ifatcreation, consists of Spanish linen threads and a variety of glass or metal beads.  It is a testament that 18-karat gold and diamonds have not cornered the market on stunning beauty!

Her collections are a seamless union of contemporary art elements and mainstream panache; they are an incredible, fresh visual language.

The flow and arrangement of multi-colored macraméd threads is reminiscent of creations made with a weave loom.  Threads lay flat and stretched, some appear wrapped around themselves, while others resemble basket weave patterns.  The arrangement of items from her Feather Collection suggests their namesake: the designs seem like a weightless flutter of color.

The Spain-based jewelry artist is also an Artists Manager who “represents directors, set designers and choreographers working in theater.”  

Horn Earrings with Spanish Linen Threads
and Copper Beads

During some downtime she and her son worked on a macramé project—a technique she learned via the Internet.  She became interested in doing a solo project, a necklace, and she loved the results.

“I realized I could go on inventing other ideas that came into my mind.  I just enjoyed it so much.  It gave me tremendous satisfaction and a great calm.  After that I started making more necklaces and very soon I had friends and friends of friends ordering jewelry.”

Having lived in Tel Aviv, Austria, Italy and New York Nesher’s sources of inspiration are plentiful.  Colors range from the muted shades of brown, black and cream to the exuberant hues of red, orange and blue.  She gathers glorious accents of sand dollars and sea shells from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic.

“I am influenced by the countries I started experiencing when I was young.  My parents were puppeteers and they toured all over the world.  They specialized in shadow and puppet theater.  I was 10 years old when I joined them.  I also have a family that is spread out all over the world.

My inspiration comes through the materials and sometimes through color combinations.  I usually start by choosing colors and I just let myself go.  It takes on average 2 to 3 days to make a necklace; less time for earrings and rings.

I love the adventure of creating because it is mysterious.  That mystery means I have to learn and invent new techniques. 

It was great to discover that I can be creative and inventive when I never expected it.  To think this all came by chance when I was making a macramé bracelet with my son!”

Red Cuff Bracelet with Spanish Linen Threads
and Gold Bronze Beads
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertAmong the color trends for the New Year is gray, red, blue and brown.
Nesher’s stunning pieces offer plenty of that by way of gemstones, glass beads and linen threads
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