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18K Gold Hoop Earrings with Diamonds
There is an unconventional tourist attraction in Venice, Italy: the Palazzo Ducale (or Doge’s Palace).  

Housing the courts and seats of government the structure is known for its stunning Gothic architecture and “vast collections of paintings.”  Italy is also home to jewelry house Garavelli.

Timeless jewelry design is about simplicity in its arrangements. Items are made to blend with the wearer and complement any outfit. 

However, Italian jewelers like Orlando Orlandini and Giovanni Corvaja particularly excel at implementing exciting and innovative ideas into their jewelry creations.  

As dedicated as they are to invention they implement their ideas never forgetting about the wearer.  As a result designs are always sinuous and graceful.

Since 1920 the Garavelli brand has been committed to simple yet captivating design.  Named for founder Mario Garavelli, the Garavelli brand is renowned for its stunning use of pavé settings, intricate construction details and implementing materials like leather and ebony in stylish presentations. 

Simply put hoop earrings, diamond rings, and diamond bracelets embody sophisticated glam!  There is usually something unexpected amid the glitz and gleam; a little surprise that makes the piece a true keeper! 

Take the brand’s Globo Collection; a beautiful cage of ethically mined 18-karat gold and diamonds holds a tiny, diamond encrusted ball that “freely moves into its perfectly round cage.”  Or the nifty ring that expands into a bracelet!

Let’s not forget the display of beautiful precious and semi-precious gemstones that include brown diamonds, grey sapphire, peridot, garnet, amethyst and citrine. 

18K Rose Gold Pendant Necklace with
Brown Diamonds and Grey Sapphire
 Managed by the Garavelli family, including Mario’s son Aldo, the Garavelli brand is a quintessential example that longstanding jewelry houses are never dead-in-the-water.

“The spirit of the brand is to follow the leading walkways showing colors, styles, tendencies transformed in precious items.  Instead of classical jewelry we give women the additional accessory that makes them unique and original.

Our philosophy is to experiment with forms and colors because jewelry should not be hidden in safes but worn everyday to complement a daytime dress or an evening gown,” says Aldo Garavelli, Creative Director.

“We delight at the sight of our jewelry making team taking all the time required to make things properly.  Selection and quality of stones, cleaning, finishing and setting are just a few of the important operations carried out entirely by hand.  We pride ourselves in bringing innovation and a fresh perspective to the jewelry making craft.”

A selection of items from the Garavelli brand is available for purchase at Oster Jewels.

18K Yellow Gold Ring (expands into Bracelet)
with Brown Diamonds
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertThe travel theme Minimal East is a big style trend for the New Year.  

Garavelli’s collections encompass the trend’s sophisticated and meticulous details with muted hues of white and brown diamonds, and grey sapphires as well as unexpected design details.
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