Monday, March 17, 2014


Sterling Silver Legends Pendant Necklace
with Sodalite
The Peruvian town of Urubamba is a famous passage that leads to Machu Picchu.  

However, Urubamba has its fair share of attractions that include the ruins of Chinchero. Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Karla Contreras.

Ethnic jewelry is far more than an appealing display of precious metals and gemstones.  It is an expression of identity, culture and history.

Contreras’ commanding yet elegant gemstone pendants, silver rings, and dangle earrings allude to the mystery of Inca warriors and royalty. 

The deep surface carvings offset by prominent, smooth stones like blue-green chrysocolla are reminiscent of antiquities.  

Medallions evoke the societal and economic positions of the powerful.  Tumi charms and the Nazca Lines each serve as influence to her captivating style.

“I find inspiration in our Andean culture.  It is wonderful when people can appreciate our ancestral art legacy through different kinds of jewelry,” reflects the twenty-four year old.  “I am glad I can add something to this process.”
Sterling Silver Moon Mystic Bangle Bracelet
with Chrysocolla
Born to parents who owned a jewelry workshop, by age 15 Contreras was well on her way to developing her own jewelry legacy.  “I started going to art fairs with my mom when I was fifteen.  Her work was highly prized particularly by visitors to Peru. 

It was then I decided I wanted to work with my mom and dad.  I wanted to learn the crafting process.  I realized I wanted to complement my designs with our rich cultural history.  Thanks to my parents I create my own designs and feel proud I have found my own expression in our family art.”

Sterling Silver Protection Pendant Necklace
with Chrysocolla
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertBlue gemstones like chrysocolla are prominent in Contreras’ collection as well as elegant medallions.  

Her implementation of the color blue and medallions are on point for the year’s style trends.
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