Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hyacinth Princess Beaded Choker with Labradorite,
Amazonite and Blue Lace Agate
Bangkok, Thailand has something for everyone: great cuisine, fabulous architecture, a kinetic night life and a view of its many scenic gifts by way of canals.  

Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Chuleekorn.

With names like Hyacinth Princess, Bangkok Rose and Kiwi Kiss I have no doubt that the splendid forms of nature inspire Chuleekorn’s beautiful gemstone jewelry.  

The plump, round forms of pink aventurine, green and rose quartz, and jasper seem like ripe, succulent fruit.

The former graphic designer enjoyed building airplanes from kits as a child but really enjoyed accompanying her mother on trips to the fabric store.

“When I was a kid there weren’t many ready-made clothes like now and mom would buy fabric from Bang Lam Phoo Town.  We would go each week but I was more interested in the bead shops,” recalls the Bangkok native.

“My mom would allow me to buy a few beads and I didn’t do anything with them.  I just kept them where I could admire their exotic beauty.”

After high school, Chuleekorn traveled to Australia to study graphic design.  As a way to combat homesickness, she taught herself to make jewelry—a hobby she thoroughly enjoyed. 

When she returned to Bangkok she accepted a high-paying position with a graphics company.  However the long hours took a toll on the budding jeweler.  “I was away from family, friends and the things that I love.
Bangkok Rose Beaded Bracelet with Rose Quartz and Adventurine
 So I chose to quit because I needed to spend time with my family and friends and do what I love: making art jewelry.”

Using money she saved, Chuleekorn moved to Chiang Mai and had a house built near some relatives.  After settling into her newly built home she busied herself planting a vegetable garden and expanding on her jewelry making techniques.

Chuleekorn’s lush designs combine dazzling gemstones within a web of thick, candle rope cords.  Four tier bracelets and necklaces are fashionable and exotic while her take on chandelier earrings is without standard vintage flair. 

She opts instead for dollops of gemstones to dangle from concentric or open circles, and teardrop designs.  They are earthy and modern rolled into one.

“My designs have evolved since my early days of jewelry making. I blend candle rope and thread colors, laces and colored stones.  Some days I sit and enjoy late-night knitting sessions because I can’t wait to see how the necklace looks when finished,” she enthuses.

“I have found such a favorable demand for my products that I have enlisted the help of a neighbor and a woman who knew me when I was a child.  Together we make new products that I am proud of.”

24K Gold Vermeil Kiwi Kiss Beaded
Chandelier Earrings
with Quartz and Gold Beads
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertColor is central to Chuleekorn’s beautiful creations. 

A literal rainbow of shades is on trend for the year; and Chuleekorn implements gemstones of pink, green, red, as well as earthy brown candle rope.  

The jeweler’s luminous yet streamlined take on chandelier earrings is among one of the year’s style trends.
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