Tuesday, March 11, 2014


24K Gold Plated Bulwa Ring
Complete with “a maze of tunnels and hallways, towers and rooms,” Poland’s Malbork Castle is a visual wonder.  

Built during the 13th century it is a portal through time into the “lifestyle of the Teutonic Knights.”  Poland is also home to featured jewelry designer Karolina Bik.

I grow tired of seeing some independent jewelry brands reach for those been-there-done-that designs.  

In my opinion four leaf clovers, hearts, stars and crosses do not require any creative investment from the designer. 

Bik’s expressive handmade jewelry is a testament that unique vision takes precedence over the tried-and-true.  The prolific twenty-nine-year-old draws inspiration from nature, the Theory of Chaos, and Superman to produce jewelry that is vivid and unexpected yet always beautiful. 

Twenty four karat gold vermeil, oxidized and fine silver become bubbled surface textures and craggily outlines.  They evolve into distressed almost brittle, blackened roughhewn patterns.

Educated at the Edinburgh College of Art, the one-time public relations major adored red beads “made from an ash tree” her grandmother gave her.  It was a simple gift that ignited a passion for jewels; a passion that would culminate into a need to create. 

“I love sitting in my studio and immersing myself in creating.  I have reached a point where I cannot imagine a life without creating.  I wake up thinking about jewelry.  I eat with it, obviously work with it and then dream about it.” 

Like a dutiful student her white and gray cat Queso perches on Bik’s shoulder as she sits at her workbench.  To me Bik’s jewelry declares that commerce should come as a result of true art; commerce should never trump art.

“The most exciting moment for me is the making of . . . thinking about solutions and possibilities.  Then seeing a finished piece is such a fulfilling feeling.  The best of the best moments is seeing people wearing my jewelry.  This is true happiness.” 

24K Gold Plated Honeycomb Bracelet
2014 Jewelry Trend AlertBik’s fresh approach to design is inspired by the variety of forms found in nature.  This freedom of expression is a surprising style trend for the year.
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