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Prehnite Green Necklace
Enameled steel discs in various shades of gray, blue and green are one of the highlights of the Kuwait Towers.  

Located in Kuwait City, the thirty-seven year old Swedish- designed structure is composed of three small towers that each serves specific functions. 

The upper tower holds a revolving cafĂ©; the lower tower holds a water tank; while the third controls "flow of electricity and illuminates the larger towers.”  

Kuwait is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Diana Fakhoury.

In a manner of speaking timeless jewelry provides a soft touch.  In many cases, designs do not overwhelm the wearer and that seems to be the intent behind Fakhoury’s transient jewelry creations.  

Muted and pastel colored gemstones like prehnite (light green), chalcedony (light blue) and pink sapphires set the mood for tranquility.

Her prehnite necklace, for instance, is a soft blur of green highlighted by a single, oval shaped stone.  Her tagua nut earrings and necklaces, on the other hand, are an energetic flash of burgundy, mustard yellow, orange and hot pink in otherwise pared down outlines. 

Fakhoury’s aesthetic is an exercise of balance: a study of dynamic delicacy.  It is light and airy with flow and sensual textures.

A student of electrical engineering and art, the North Carolina-based jewelry artist loves bringing her “left and right brain strengths” to her creations.
Multi-Color Tagua Nut Necklace (left); and Tagua Nut Earrings (right)
 “My father was an engineer and my mother was a sculptor and painter.  I studied electrical engineering and two years into the program I developed an interest in art so I changed majors.  Designing requires knowledge of aesthetics and the craftsmanship calls upon my geometric and math sense.”

By 2010, Fakhoury was ready to make her jewelry crafting hobby into a business and she has never looked back.  

“I see my designs as delicate without being fragile. It is important for jewelry to be comfortable to wear.  I hope my jewelry becomes a part of a woman’s lasting collection and not just an annual trend.”

Her love of jewelry design came courtesy of her mother and maternal grandmother’s jewelry boxes.  Fakhoury was awed that unlike clothing jewelry could hold up 50 years or longer! 

“When I look back on the gifts I have received throughout my life jewelry has been the most lasting—what I cherish most.  That is what I love about this business making something that can be so meaningful to someone.” 
Gold Vermeil Amethyst and Emerald
Teardrop Earrings

2014 Jewelry Trend AlertFakhoury’s dainty creations showcase lovely muted colors as well as the style trend of minimalist sophistication.
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