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Lilac Green Orchids Bracelets with Amethyst,
Peridot and Brass Beads
With a moniker that means “dawn of happiness” the city of Sukhothai, in Thailand, is a locale of remarkable historical sites.  

Thirteenth century ruins known as the Sukhothai Historical Park provides the city with an aura of antiquity.

Thailand is also home to featured jewelry designer Tiraphan Hasub.

The results of a Google image search for the query 'bead bracelets' were a bit unexpected.  In many cases the designs and color combinations were more kid-friendly--in a Cracker Jack prize sort of way—than sophisticated and fashion ready.

In contrast Hasub’s bead jewelry of hand-weaved cords, lustrous semi-precious gemstones, and brass and glass beads are a marvelous display of astute craftsmanship. 

The beautiful arrangement of materials is classic yet the intricacy of the crocheted frames, and gemstone placement easily shifts these handcrafted jewelry items into chic and exotic statement pieces.

Hasub’s stunning Exultant Lilac Necklace, for example, is a full-on statement necklace highlighting a cluster of chip-cut amethysts sewn onto seven, connected crocheted discs that form a V-shape.  A single purple globe of amethyst is placed at the center of each cluster and the finished design resembles a gooey, sticky, decadent treat.
Green Orchids Beaded Necklace with Brass Beads
and Green Quartz
Every detail of every design is well executed.  Every stone mirrors hypnotic shades in nature like the orange haze of sunrise or the hues of orchids.  Hers is a lush aesthetic that can seamlessly complement everything from denim to a maxi dress or pleated jersey dress.

The working mom and bungee jumper learned her craft from her husband after graduating from college.

“My husband is originally from Chiang Mai and we met while attending university in Bangkok.  I had been working at the university for three years when we married and then we moved to Chiang Mai.” Hasub recalls.

“My husband taught me handicrafts and we opened a workshop.  You could say I’m a fashionista.  I am always trying to look good by wearing nice dresses and jewelry.

My designs tend to be more traditional Thai than modern.  I believe many women think like me—in wanting to look good—and that is what inspired me to create jewelry.”
Brass and Orange Chalcedony Passions Bracelet

2013 Jewelry Trend AlertThis year green is the thing!  Hasub’s lovely jewelry is on point with gemstones like peridot and green quartz.  

The New Year ushered in plenty of beads in jewelry and Hasub’s designs also showcase multi-colored glass beads as well as brass beads.
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