Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sterling Silver Lily Pendant Necklace
with Flameworked Glass
The Abel Tasman National Park, located in the New Zealand city Nelson, provides spectacles of the country’s incredible natural wonders.

The luminous sand of the Golden Bay is one such wonder as well as the Waiokoropupu Springs with its remarkably clear, fresh water.  

New Zealand is also home to featured jewelry designer Lisa West.

Although it may appear to the contrary I don’t feel there is anything inherently wrong with classically styled designer jewelry.  Nevertheless I like seeing a designer make this often one-note style fresh.

There is nothing more timeless or classic than nature.  West’s nature-inspired jewelry of sterling silver; opaque hues of jasper and lapis; and cut-out, translucent Perspex possess an unassuming, whimsical charm that set her apart from what is standard.  

The 46-year-old’s collection of silver brooch pins, silver necklaces, silver rings and Perspex flowers evoke an idyllic forest inhabited by furry woodland creatures.

Moths with intricately patterned wings are immortalized in sterling silver.  Interpretations of camellia, passion fruit, lily and dahlia flowers, carved from colorful Perspex and mother-of-pearl. are lovely in their life-like outlines.  The understated details unleash a subtle beauty that is both earthy and refined.
Large Sterling Silver Moth Brooch Pin
 “I have been looking at 19th century photographer Karl Blossfeldt’s close-up images of plants and Aubrey Beardsley’s pen and ink drawings.  

I admire the way they both constructed pictures using black and white positives and negatives,” explains the alumna of Hungry Creek Art and Craft School

“I have been learning jewelry making skills since 1983.  The Perspex flowers are a progression from previous work using riveting techniques to marry up silver and plastic—a material that is new to me.  The cut out work is about allowing the beauty of the materials to speak for themselves.” 
Jasper and Lapis Rings in Sterling Silver

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:  Not only is sterling silver a hot metal this year but pairing it with colored gemstones is just as hot!  

West implements jasper, lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl in her designs.
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