Monday, August 5, 2013


Natasha Bracelet with Gold Plated
Findings, Quartz and Coral
Winnipeg is one of Canada’s most beautiful municipalities.  Boasting a population of various cultures, Winnipeg offers an eclectic range of activities to partake of including visiting museums, restaurants, or spas. Canada is also home to featured jewelry designer Kristen Laborde.

Statement jewelry asks the question, why not?  Why not do away with creative restraints?  Why not mix a vast array of materials to create pieces with truly unique details?

It is clear that Laborde loves asking those questions and has the gall to meet the challenge.

Laborde’s cutting-edge, high-fashion jewelry brand, Kristen Laborde Designs, is an arresting contrast of black and gold; warm and cool; gloss and edge. 

She is a visionary that takes gunmetal and gold chains along with safety pins, caps of concrete screws, grommets, and nuts and bolts building remarkably stylish constructs of innovation.

Her highly inclusive approach to jewelry making reflects a major creative shift that I have been noticing a lot lately.  A shift where so-called lesser practical items are treated like fine materials and re-imagined into pendant necklaces, dangle earrings, and cocktail rings.

Boston Necklace with Gold Plated
Findings, Box Link Chain and Rhinestones
The jeweler’s use of skeletal and barbed accents, layered metal chains, bold-cut gemstones and braided leather are signature details of Laborde’s alternately sleek and commanding makeshift style.  It is incredible to see crude, mechanistic objects transformed into wearable, fashionable and affordable baubles.

“I believe my jewelry is a reflection of women’s desire for individuality.  I draw inspiration from diverse ethnic backgrounds to develop my style.  

My designs are handmade with a combination of mixed metals including gunmetal, gold and silver with semi-precious gemstones such as clear quartz, turquoise or lapis.  I love pairing these materials with industrial findings because it produces a really fresh and eclectic visual.

I also love my braided leather necklaces from the Twisted Sister Collection.  I love the play of colored leather with gold rings or knotted, chunky tassels. Every design comes together to shape dynamic and uniquely elegant arrangements.” 
Gail Earrings with Gold and Silver
Industrial Nuts and Bolts

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:  Big is in this year and Laborde’s statement making, substantial designs fit the bill.  

Bold tassels, colored gemstones, layered chains and found objects complete the styles on trend for the year.
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